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  1. Photo of Karel Reisz

    Karel Reisz Director

  2. Photo of Judith Rascoe

    Judith Rascoe Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Stone

    Robert Stone Novel and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nick Nolte

    Nick Nolte Cast

  5. Photo of Tuesday Weld

    Tuesday Weld Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Moriarty

    Michael Moriarty Cast

  7. Photo of Anthony Zerbe

    Anthony Zerbe Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Masur

    Richard Masur Cast

  9. Photo of Ray Sharkey

    Ray Sharkey Cast

  10. Photo of Gail Strickland

    Gail Strickland Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Haid

    Charles Haid Cast

  12. Photo of David Opatoshu

    David Opatoshu Cast

  13. Photo of Joaquín Martínez

    Joaquín Martínez Cast

  14. Photo of James Cranna

    James Cranna Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Howell

    Jean Howell Cast

  16. Photo of John Durren

    John Durren Cast

  17. Photo of Wings Hauser

    Wings Hauser Cast

  18. Photo of Jonathan Banks

    Jonathan Banks Cast

  19. Photo of Richard H. Kline

    Richard H. Kline Cinematography

  20. Photo of Laurence Rosenthal

    Laurence Rosenthal Music

  21. Photo of Dale Hennesy

    Dale Hennesy Production Design

  22. Photo of Herb Jaffe

    Herb Jaffe Producer

  23. Photo of Gabriel Katzka

    Gabriel Katzka Producer

  24. Photo of Sheldon Schrager

    Sheldon Schrager Producer

  25. Photo of Roger Spottiswoode

    Roger Spottiswoode Producer

  26. Photo of Christopher Newman

    Christopher Newman Sound

  27. Photo of Don Sharpe

    Don Sharpe Sound

  28. Photo of Bill Rowe

    Bill Rowe Sound

  29. Photo of William Ware Theiss

    William Ware Theiss Costume Design

  30. Photo of Robert De Vestel

    Robert De Vestel Art Department

  31. Photo of Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Special Effects

  32. Photo of Charles E. Dolan

    Charles E. Dolan Special Effects