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  1. Photo of John Duigan

    John Duigan Director

  2. Photo of Carole Angier

    Carole Angier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Rhys

    Jean Rhys Screenplay

  4. Photo of Charlotte Brontë

    Charlotte Brontë Screenplay

  5. Photo of Karina Lombard

    Karina Lombard Cast

  6. Photo of Nathaniel Parker

    Nathaniel Parker Cast

  7. Photo of Rachel Ward

    Rachel Ward Cast

  8. Photo of Michael York

    Michael York Cast

  9. Photo of Martine Beswick

    Martine Beswick Cast

  10. Photo of Claudia Robinson

    Claudia Robinson Cast

  11. Photo of Huw Christie Williams

    Huw Christie Williams Cast

  12. Photo of Naomi Watts

    Naomi Watts Cast

  13. Photo of Geoff Burton

    Geoff Burton Cinematography

  14. Photo of Stewart Copeland

    Stewart Copeland Music

  15. Photo of Franckie Diago

    Franckie Diago Production Design

  16. Photo of Jan Sharp

    Jan Sharp Producer and Screenplay

  17. Photo of Sara Risher

    Sara Risher Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Anne Goursaud

    Anne Goursaud Editing

  19. Photo of Jimmy Sandoval

    Jimmy Sandoval Editing