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  1. Photo of Paul Annett

    Paul Annett Director

  2. Photo of Lynda La Plante

    Lynda La Plante Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ann Mitchell

    Ann Mitchell Cast

  4. Photo of Maureen O'Farrell

    Maureen O'Farrell Cast

  5. Photo of Fiona Hendley

    Fiona Hendley Cast

  6. Photo of Debby Bishop

    Debby Bishop Cast

  7. Photo of Maurice O'Connell

    Maurice O'Connell Cast

  8. Photo of David Calder

    David Calder Cast

  9. Photo of Stephen Yardley

    Stephen Yardley Cast

  10. Photo of Kate Williams

    Kate Williams Cast

  11. Photo of Andrew Kazamia

    Andrew Kazamia Cast

  12. Photo of Damien Thomas

    Damien Thomas Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Jesson

    Paul Jesson Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Lovstrom

    Peter Lovstrom Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Machin

    Peter Machin Cast

  16. Photo of Thelma Whiteley

    Thelma Whiteley Cast

  17. Photo of Mike Felix

    Mike Felix Cast

  18. Photo of Christopher Whitehouse

    Christopher Whitehouse Cast

  19. Photo of Catherine Neilson

    Catherine Neilson Cast

  20. Photo of Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Cast

  21. Photo of Pavel Douglas

    Pavel Douglas Cast

  22. Photo of Jeffrey Chiswick

    Jeffrey Chiswick Cast

  23. Photo of Alan Downer

    Alan Downer Cast

  24. Photo of Ann Michelle

    Ann Michelle Cast

  25. Photo of Terence Harvey

    Terence Harvey Cast

  26. Photo of Elsa O'Toole

    Elsa O'Toole Cast

  27. Photo of Winston Crooke

    Winston Crooke Cast

  28. Photo of Patrick Durkin

    Patrick Durkin Cast

  29. Photo of Richard Kane

    Richard Kane Cast

  30. Photo of Aixa Moreno

    Aixa Moreno Cast

  31. Photo of Dusty Miller

    Dusty Miller Cinematography

  32. Photo of Stanley Myers

    Stanley Myers Music

  33. Photo of Christopher Burke

    Christopher Burke Production Design

  34. Photo of Irving Teitelbaum

    Irving Teitelbaum Producer

  35. Photo of Linda Agran

    Linda Agran Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Johnny Goodman

    Johnny Goodman Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Roger Wilson

    Roger Wilson Editing

  38. Photo of Mike Murr

    Mike Murr Sound

  39. Photo of Mike Crowley

    Mike Crowley Sound

  40. Photo of Bill Burgess

    Bill Burgess Sound