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  1. kopfkompass's rating of the film Wild

    Fantastische Parabel über unsere Distanz zum Archaischen und die daraus resultierende Sehnsucht danach und Angst davor. Wow.

  2. Taufiq Hariyadi's rating of the film Wild

  3. João Portalegre's rating of the film Wild

    yeah well I saw a woman rubbing herself against a handrail because she couldn't have sex with a wolf so I guess I can take the experience of watching that off my bucket list

  4. Joao Francisco Pinho's rating of the film Wild

    Mais interessante que um filme que retrata a solidão humana é um filme que retrata a evolução dessa mesma solidão.

  5. saitosouta's rating of the film Wild

    I love films in which devastating solitude turns into wild deviation (like "Taxi Driver," "Code Blue" ) but this movie is too strange & cheap to love, somehow I laughed many times although. During watch, I thought of ludicrous Z-movies which depicts man kidnapping woman & her loving him gradually in so-called Stockholm Syndrome. But maybe Krebitz made this seriously as hell, so I'm fun to say "WTF is that sex????"

  6. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Wild

    hated/loved this. often tonally awry. sound track was awful. james blake during wolf love? fkinell...

  7. Alex's rating of the film Wild

  8. corativ's rating of the film Wild

    One of the most interesting films coming out of Germany in the last couple of years. A singular approach to the vastly pictured topic of escaping your monotonous routine - why not catch a wolf? Quite a psychological journey to live through but worth it! Beware to not get that one scene out of your head, though. You'll know when you see it.

  9. illibelulle's rating of the film Wild

  10. AugusteB's rating of the film Wild

    Inspiring in it's style but confusing in reproducing male/ female stereotypes. I wanted to like it but maybe I am not included in this fantasy.