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  1. Photo of Vittorio Sala

    Vittorio Sala Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ottavio Alessi

    Ottavio Alessi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ugo Guerra

    Ugo Guerra Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rodolfo Sonego

    Rodolfo Sonego Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alberto Sordi

    Alberto Sordi Cast

  6. Photo of Rita Gam

    Rita Gam Cast

  7. Photo of Antonio Cifariello

    Antonio Cifariello Cast

  8. Photo of Elsa Martinelli

    Elsa Martinelli Cast

  9. Photo of Franco Fabrizi

    Franco Fabrizi Cast

  10. Photo of Giorgia Moll

    Giorgia Moll Cast

  11. Photo of Georges Marchal

    Georges Marchal Cast

  12. Photo of Lorella De Luca

    Lorella De Luca Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Berthier

    Jacques Berthier Cast

  14. Photo of Luciana Angiolillo

    Luciana Angiolillo Cast

  15. Photo of Nino Besozzi

    Nino Besozzi Cast

  16. Photo of Gaella Laporte

    Gaella Laporte Cast

  17. Photo of Tiberio Murgia

    Tiberio Murgia Cast

  18. Photo of Michèle Lemoing

    Michèle Lemoing Cast

  19. Photo of Luciano Mondolfo

    Luciano Mondolfo Cast

  20. Photo of Julia Tucker

    Julia Tucker Cast

  21. Photo of Roberto Podio

    Roberto Podio Cast

  22. Photo of Mary De Periguj

    Mary De Periguj Cast

  23. Photo of Enrico Olivieri

    Enrico Olivieri Cast

  24. Photo of Arnaud Griesebach

    Arnaud Griesebach Cast

  25. Photo of Giovanna Ralli

    Giovanna Ralli Cast

  26. Photo of Antonio Acqua

    Antonio Acqua Cast

  27. Photo of Bitto Albertini

    Bitto Albertini Cinematography

  28. Photo of Roberto Nicolosi

    Roberto Nicolosi Music

  29. Photo of Ottavio Scotti

    Ottavio Scotti Production Design

  30. Photo of Enzo Merolle

    Enzo Merolle Producer

  31. Photo of Nino Baragli

    Nino Baragli Editing