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  1. Photo of Arnon Zadok

    Arnon Zadok Director

  2. Photo of Lior Ashkenazi

    Lior Ashkenazi Cast

  3. Photo of Ayelet Zurer

    Ayelet Zurer Cast

  4. Photo of Neta Garty

    Neta Garty Cast

  5. Photo of Alon Aboutboul

    Alon Aboutboul Cast

  6. Photo of Yiftach Klein

    Yiftach Klein Cast

  7. Photo of Yigal Adika

    Yigal Adika Cast

  8. Photo of Shira Artzi

    Shira Artzi Cast

  9. Photo of Rivka Bachar

    Rivka Bachar Cast

  10. Photo of Eliana Bakier

    Eliana Bakier Cast

  11. Photo of Assi Dayan

    Assi Dayan Cast

  12. Photo of Ishay Karni Eckhaus

    Ishay Karni Eckhaus Cast