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  1. Photo of Hervé Bromberger

    Hervé Bromberger Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacques Berland

    Jacques Berland Screenplay

  3. Photo of François Boyer

    François Boyer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michel Durafour

    Michel Durafour Screenplay

  5. Photo of Max Gallai

    Max Gallai Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nadine Basile

    Nadine Basile Cast

  7. Photo of Estella Blain

    Estella Blain Cast

  8. Photo of Gérard Blain

    Gérard Blain Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bonnefous

    Jean-Pierre Bonnefous Cast

  10. Photo of Georges Chamarat

    Georges Chamarat Cast

  11. Photo of Roger Dumas

    Roger Dumas Cast

  12. Photo of Evelyne Ker

    Evelyne Ker Cast

  13. Photo of Marianne Lecène

    Marianne Lecène Cast

  14. Photo of Palmyre Levasseur

    Palmyre Levasseur Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques Moulières

    Jacques Moulières Cast

  16. Photo of Norbert Pierlot

    Norbert Pierlot Cast

  17. Photo of Michel Reynald

    Michel Reynald Cast

  18. Photo of Albert Remy

    Albert Remy Cast

  19. Photo of Talina Sauser

    Talina Sauser Cast

  20. Photo of Marco Villa

    Marco Villa Cast

  21. Photo of Jacques Mercanton

    Jacques Mercanton Cinematography

  22. Photo of Joseph Kosma

    Joseph Kosma Music

  23. Photo of Eugène Delfau

    Eugène Delfau Production Design

  24. Photo of Georges Agiman

    Georges Agiman Producer

  25. Photo of Georges Lourau

    Georges Lourau Producer

  26. Photo of Mitzi d' Esterno

    Mitzi d' Esterno Editing