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  1. Balthaz21's rating of the film Wild Grass

  2. João Rocha's rating of the film Wild Grass

    The movie was really well done filmed, but the story is just random. Ok, life is random, but that idea puts the characters in here without a personality. That's a shame

  3. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Wild Grass

  4. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Wild Grass

    Loved it! All emotions surfaced, no caché; wherever this takes you, it'll be fine.

  5. Cependant's rating of the film Wild Grass

    Aimer l'inconnu(e) et l'aviation. Harcèlement fonctionnel.

  6. Cyril Schreiber's rating of the film Wild Grass

  7. Tigrão's rating of the film Wild Grass

    I loved this one. The false hollywood-way-ending was so funny in Cannes festival reactions.

  8. hydrangea1's rating of the film Wild Grass

    do you know when this comes out on DVD in the US?

  9. arlinda's rating of the film Wild Grass

    Watch it for the opening sequence alone. And the wit, the saturated color coding, the imaginative bravado...Earlier on I thought Georges was writing the "narrative" and conjuring up the other characters. It was as though he was drafting scenes for a novel-in-progress that didn't quite hang together yet. The final ending (there is more than one!) felt a little arbitrary, though playful and impulsive like the film.

  10. André Dias's rating of the film Wild Grass

    Resnais obviously has a lot of fun doing his own films, but perhaps he should quit American TV series for a while. I've got nausea from so many crane shots.

  11. J Okay's rating of the film Wild Grass

    Typical resnaisian play with brains, cinema, time & space. Just when you're ready to depart with a film about alienated souls uniting against the odds, you're pulled into a frenzy of twists & turns & airplane acrobatics that further undermine everything you've seen of an already radically subversive film. Ceaseless neuromantic voiceovers, bizarre love-decahedrons, etc: as if the french new wave were walking undead.

  12. Raluca Elena Covaci's rating of the film Wild Grass

    "After cinema everything seems possible".Life is random and its' arbitrary events seem ilogical up to some point. Lovely art directing, especially the colors and suprarealistic lights . Great job again and again for Alain Resnais after 6 decades of activity!

  13. BM Webster's rating of the film Wild Grass

    "She read his words, but did not reply"

  14. MyCosmicRebellion's rating of the film Wild Grass

    "It feels odd to be walking together. You've barely met. You've spoken on the phone. Let's call it speaking. You'd given up hope of meeting. Now you're walking together. Not very straight. You could almost take each other's arm."

  15. Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film Wild Grass

    When I'm a cat will I be able to eat cat munchies?

  16. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Wild Grass

    "Wild Grass" really, really, really looked like it was going somewhere interesting and then...not. Marvelous, creative film-making with some very interesting and well-realized characters. And the disappointment doesn't come until late in the film which is well worth seeing despite the let down.

  17. Kenji's rating of the film Wild Grass

    A very elegant, beguilingly mysterious study of mental frailty, obsession and the unexpected paths of fate, with a welcome dash of wit and adventurous spirit thrown in for good measure. A film to be relished and savoured for its use of colour and visual beauty too; Resnais' best for decades.

  18. Colin Landon's rating of the film Wild Grass

    This is Resnais latest film. Some parts of the film really are a strong reminder of his excellent shot and camera techniques and then in the later stages of the film, it feels more like a TV drama. The film starts off very strong with the lighting and colors, but then fades a tad in the end. Very open ended narrative but a good eye candy film.

  19. Barbara Giambartolomei's rating of the film Wild Grass

    Colorato e un po' folle, pieno di grazia, fotografia meravigliosa, caratteri ossessivi, la voce off è pienamente in parte. Certi film fanno stare meglio.

  20. SALESK's rating of the film Wild Grass

    A lurid, lyrical experiment in demented character study. Fun and frothy and weird and wonderful but an exercise--not a fully realized film. Still, Resnais being 88 goddamn years old and making something so enjoyable is an achievement, and a gift.

  21. FailedImitator's rating of the film Wild Grass

    It's incredibly well made. Beautifully shot. Brilliant editing. Like I said, very well made. But all for what?

  22. Christine Lai's rating of the film Wild Grass

    I don't understand this film....some shots are so pretentious

  23. Manuel Coelho's rating of the film Wild Grass

    a beautifully and masterfully filmed piece of crap.

  24. Joseph Sylvers's rating of the film Wild Grass

    Not Resnais's best, the formal style is great and all that, but the story is a messy mix of obsession, botched fantasies, and FRUSTRATION leading only to irony, which the rest of the film is so rich in, it's like eating exquisitely crafted cake made only of frosting. Just meet me and fall in love with me like they do in the movies, or I will slash your tires and introduce you to my wife. Like in the movies!, sys Res.

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