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  1. Photo of Sergei Solovyov

    Sergei Solovyov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bulat Iskakov

    Bulat Iskakov Producer

  3. Photo of Yuri Klimenko

    Yuri Klimenko Cinematography

  4. Photo of Vyacheslav Ilyushchenko

    Vyacheslav Ilyushchenko Cast

  5. Photo of Liubomiras Lauciavicius

    Liubomiras Lauciavicius Cast

  6. Photo of Sultan Banov

    Sultan Banov Cast

  7. Photo of Vladimir Steklov

    Vladimir Steklov Cast

  8. Photo of Lyudmila Saveleva

    Lyudmila Saveleva Cast

  9. Photo of Ilya Ivanov

    Ilya Ivanov Cast

  10. Photo of Andrei Bitov

    Andrei Bitov Cast

  11. Photo of Boris Olekhnovich

    Boris Olekhnovich Cast

  12. Photo of Anatoli Slivnikov

    Anatoli Slivnikov Cast

  13. Photo of Aleksandr Bashirov

    Aleksandr Bashirov Cast

  14. Photo of Boris Ryakhovsky

    Boris Ryakhovsky Cast

  15. Photo of Arkadi Vysotsky

    Arkadi Vysotsky Cast

  16. Photo of Andrei Filozov

    Andrei Filozov Cast

  17. Photo of Sergei Bodrov

    Sergei Bodrov Cast

  18. Photo of Leonid Filatov

    Leonid Filatov Cast

  19. Photo of Sergey Garmash

    Sergey Garmash Cast

  20. Photo of A. Abramova

    A. Abramova Editing

  21. Photo of Vera Kruglova

    Vera Kruglova Editing

  22. Photo of Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov

    Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov Production Design

  23. Photo of Isaak Shvarts

    Isaak Shvarts Music

  24. Photo of Valentin Bobrovsky

    Valentin Bobrovsky Sound