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  1. Photo of André Téchiné

    André Téchiné Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Olivier Massart

    Olivier Massart Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gilles Taurand

    Gilles Taurand Screenplay

  4. Photo of Élodie Bouchez

    Élodie Bouchez Cast

  5. Photo of Gaël Morel

    Gaël Morel Cast

  6. Photo of Stéphane Rideau

    Stéphane Rideau Cast

  7. Photo of Frédéric Gorny

    Frédéric Gorny Cast

  8. Photo of Michèle Moretti

    Michèle Moretti Cast

  9. Photo of Jacques Nolot

    Jacques Nolot Cast

  10. Photo of Eric Kreikenmayer

    Eric Kreikenmayer Cast

  11. Photo of Nathalie Vignes

    Nathalie Vignes Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Ruhl

    Michel Ruhl Cast

  13. Photo of Jeanne Lapoirie

    Jeanne Lapoirie Cinematography

  14. Photo of Pierre Soula

    Pierre Soula Production Design

  15. Photo of Georges Benayoun

    Georges Benayoun Producer

  16. Photo of Alain Sarde

    Alain Sarde Producer

  17. Photo of Martine Giordano

    Martine Giordano Editing

  18. Photo of François Groult

    François Groult Sound

  19. Photo of Pierre Lorrain

    Pierre Lorrain Sound

  20. Photo of Jean-Luc Marino

    Jean-Luc Marino Sound

  21. Photo of Jean-Paul Mugel

    Jean-Paul Mugel Sound

  22. Photo of Bruno Tarrière

    Bruno Tarrière Sound