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  1. Photo of Kaneto Shindô

    Kaneto Shindô Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rentarô Mikuni

    Rentarô Mikuni Cast

  3. Photo of Shinobu Ōtake

    Shinobu Ōtake Cast

  4. Photo of Akira Emoto

    Akira Emoto Cast

  5. Photo of Hideko Yoshida

    Hideko Yoshida Cast

  6. Photo of Chôei Takahashi

    Chôei Takahashi Cast

  7. Photo of Akaji Maro

    Akaji Maro Cast

  8. Photo of Hideo Kanze

    Hideo Kanze Cast

  9. Photo of Yoshiko Miyazaki

    Yoshiko Miyazaki Cast

  10. Photo of Masayuki Shionoya

    Masayuki Shionoya Cast

  11. Photo of Ei Hamura

    Ei Hamura Cast

  12. Photo of Eimei Esumi

    Eimei Esumi Cast

  13. Photo of Rinko Kikuchi

    Rinko Kikuchi Cast

  14. Photo of Masahiko Tsugawa

    Masahiko Tsugawa Cast

  15. Photo of Shun Ueda

    Shun Ueda Cast

  16. Photo of Tokuko Watanabe

    Tokuko Watanabe Cast

  17. Photo of Naoko Otani

    Naoko Otani Cast

  18. Photo of Hiromi Nakazato

    Hiromi Nakazato Cast

  19. Photo of Yoshiyuki Miyake

    Yoshiyuki Miyake Cinematography

  20. Photo of Hikaru Hayashi

    Hikaru Hayashi Music

  21. Photo of Noriyasu Hirakata

    Noriyasu Hirakata Producer

  22. Photo of Jiro Shindo

    Jiro Shindo Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Yukio Watanabe

    Yukio Watanabe Editing