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  1. Photo of Andreas Dresen

    Andreas Dresen Director

  2. Photo of Christoph Hein

    Christoph Hein Screenplay

  3. Photo of Laila Stieler

    Laila Stieler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Axel Prahl

    Axel Prahl Cast

  5. Photo of Inka Friedrich

    Inka Friedrich Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Ratte-Polle

    Anne Ratte-Polle Cast

  7. Photo of Dagmar Manzel

    Dagmar Manzel Cast

  8. Photo of Christian Grashof

    Christian Grashof Cast

  9. Photo of Andrzej Szopa

    Andrzej Szopa Cast

  10. Photo of Tilo Prückner

    Tilo Prückner Cast

  11. Photo of Wladimir Tarasjanz

    Wladimir Tarasjanz Cast

  12. Photo of Margit Bendokat

    Margit Bendokat Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Gerber

    Michael Gerber Cast

  14. Photo of Ursula Werner

    Ursula Werner Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Kremer

    Hans Kremer Cast

  16. Photo of Anton Lewit

    Anton Lewit Cast

  17. Photo of Andrea Brose

    Andrea Brose Cast

  18. Photo of Tobias Lehmann

    Tobias Lehmann Cast

  19. Photo of Jörg Seyer

    Jörg Seyer Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Prager

    Peter Prager Cast

  21. Photo of Marco Bahr

    Marco Bahr Cast

  22. Photo of Horst Hiemer

    Horst Hiemer Cast

  23. Photo of Florian Riedel

    Florian Riedel Cast

  24. Photo of Ljubisa Gruicic

    Ljubisa Gruicic Cast

  25. Photo of Sven Honig

    Sven Honig Cast

  26. Photo of Ulrike Haase

    Ulrike Haase Cast

  27. Photo of Thomas-Fritz Jung

    Thomas-Fritz Jung Cast

  28. Photo of Kirsten Schlüter

    Kirsten Schlüter Cast

  29. Photo of Andree Solvik

    Andree Solvik Cast

  30. Photo of Michael Hammon

    Michael Hammon Cinematography

  31. Photo of Jens Quandt

    Jens Quandt Music

  32. Photo of Susanne Hopf

    Susanne Hopf Production Design

  33. Photo of Norbert Sauer

    Norbert Sauer Producer

  34. Photo of Cooky Ziesche

    Cooky Ziesche Producer

  35. Photo of Udo Happel

    Udo Happel Producer

  36. Photo of Ulrich Kling

    Ulrich Kling Producer

  37. Photo of Jörg Hauschild

    Jörg Hauschild Editing

  38. Photo of Kai-Uwe Koch

    Kai-Uwe Koch Sound

  39. Photo of Peter Schmidt

    Peter Schmidt Sound

  40. Photo of Oswald Schwander

    Oswald Schwander Sound

  41. Photo of Sabine Greuning

    Sabine Greuning Costume Design