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  1. Ethan's rating of the film Wilson

    Woody Harrelson gives a delightfully funny performance in this quirky film.

  2. ΞRIC B∆Ɖ TASTΞ's rating of the film Wilson

  3. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film Wilson

    1.5/5. Quasi-profound garbage. Again.

  4. FCC 86's rating of the film Wilson

    "You know, we gotta make the best of what we have"

  5. Vladimir Gordanic's rating of the film Wilson

  6. ughchenausea's rating of the film Wilson

  7. Teresa Silva's rating of the film Wilson

  8. Droog811's rating of the film Wilson

    Not as great as Ghost World but a lot better than Art School Confidential. Woody Harrleson is great as Dan Clowes' mundane character Wilson as is Laura Dern as his ex-wife who doesn't know what she wants out of life. There are some laugh out loud moments in the movie but the film doesn't match the goofiness and almost non-linear story telling of the graphic novel.

  9. Ulrich JARLØV's rating of the film Wilson

    Hey MUBI, the pic you've used for Craig Johnson is not of Craig Johnson the filmmaker! Craig Johnson the filmmaker is a white dude!

  10. bitterMoo's rating of the film Wilson

  11. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Wilson

    As far as adaptations of Daniel Clowes' graphic novels go, Wilson is much more convincing than Art School Confidential, but it can't match the hysterical level of quirkiness of Ghost World. Lo and behold, I'm waiting for Patience.

  12. Polyglot's rating of the film Wilson

    "Faggot! Balls! Motherfucker!"

  13. Renton47's rating of the film Wilson

    I like Johnson as a filmmaker and suspect he is gonna succeed with his mid-level indies. But Wilson seems to arrive with a bit of baggage that it can't separate from. I could be wrong, but here we get three distinct Sundance templates in one film, a few interesting in their right but messily assembled. The middle section is most conventional, while the bookends upend it in interesting enough ways.

  14. angelicidea's rating of the film Wilson

    He did not really feel like a proper misanthrope to me. He sure liked to talk to strangers, though. Anyway, I had tremendous fun.

  15. grotesc's rating of the film Wilson

  16. smndvdcl's rating of the film Wilson

    A great Daniel Clowes adaptation. With such rich source material, this actualisation shines.

  17. vegeta85's rating of the film Wilson

  18. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Wilson

    Loved the cast but plagued somewhat by an uneven tone yet Clowes' un-Hollywood off-kilter screenplay was def a nice change of pace.

  19. dave gunn's rating of the film Wilson

    A decent adaptation of the hilarious graphic novel, likely thanks to Clowes actually penning the screenplay. The story has some changes made to it, and it winds up a tad more upbeat than the comic, but it was still a funny film.

  20. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Wilson

    Wilson is not a very good movie, but I laughed a lot. By a comedy's standards, that suggests it succeeded at its most difficult hurdle, and it also helps that my love for misanthropic grumps is incredibly high. I admired its Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque convictions. But the third act dials back on humor and tone too much to wrap up cleanly, so much that I was just waiting for Luciano Michelini's "Frolic" to play us out

  21. Jason's rating of the film Wilson

    To say that the original WILSON is a graphic novel is something of a misrepresentation. It was a series of strips, redolent of PEANUTS. And the titular anti-hero struck me as a kind of grown-up depressive in the Charlie Brown mode. The screen Wilson, as rendered by Harrelson, is, well, hardly a depressive, strictly speaking. He is kind of a manic shoot-from-the-hip eccentric. He seems to be teaching us life lessons.