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  1. smndvdcl's rating of the film Win Win

    Standard impressive comedy drama fare.

  2. Waxamillion's rating of the film Win Win

    This movie wanted to be something, wanted to make more of an impact, but it felt very... meh. I wanted more from each of the characters, but they just didnt ever give me enough to care about them. With that, Alex Shaffer (Kyle)'s performance was one of the best nonchalant teenagers I've seen for years. He has that Matthew McConaughey chill that is just so natural. Worth watching just for him

  3. Barış Akpınar's rating of the film Win Win

    Shallow halls with a dead-end. VS.

  4. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Win Win

    It's a sweet movie, straightforward and easy to digest. Giamatti and Shaffer have an endearing relationship in the traditional fashion of a loving father and misunderstood adolescent.

  5. athygoose's rating of the film Win Win

    why wont it let me watch the films

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Win Win

    Weak compared to The Visitor or The Station Agent. McCarthy is a director of actors and is well represented here. Giamatti has played this character before and probably better but the supporting cast fairs a little better. Amy Ryan scores as his wife and great to see Bobby Cannavale working with mccarthy again. Good turns by Melanie Lynsky and Margo Martindale as well. Worth catching but nothing special.

  7. jenifferp's rating of the film Win Win

  8. it.rainscats's rating of the film Win Win

    The dialogue in this film was great. I really enjoyed it.

  9. suddenmoves's rating of the film Win Win

    I love the shit out of Amy Ryan and Paul Giamatti, but I found this so boring and pointless.

  10. Kirby's rating of the film Win Win

    Thankfully not drowning in quirk. Giamatti, Ryan, and Lynskey are all great.

  11. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Win Win

    Portrayed by many as a funny film, this is a otherwise indifferent drama graced with the exceptional charisma of Paul Giamatti, who holds it together elequantly enough to feel like a win win proposition for a DVD night at home.

  12. Bambang N Karim's rating of the film Win Win

    A great work of a well written story of love and redemption and supported by a great ensemble of actors. This is not a melodrama but the love that was demonstrated throughout the story will also win the viewers who watch this lovely film.

  13. vnayak v's rating of the film Win Win

    A very simple film with pleasant characters. Liked the way the film it takes its stand on morality here.

  14. MikeEverleth's rating of the film Win Win

    This film is painfully perfect. I mean, I expected a lot out of Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan, but Alex Shaffer as Kyle is brilliant. Tight script by McCarthy.

  15. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Win Win

    Tom McCarthy is three for three (following "The Station Agent" and "The Visitor") with his third low-key winner. The man simply does everything right from strong scripts to brilliant casting to unpretentious direction and just right pacing.

  16. jessetaylor's rating of the film Win Win

    Thomas McCarthy is one of my favourite new(er) directors working today. His first feature, “The Station Agent”, was one of my favourite films of 2003. His second feature, “The Visitor”, was one of the better films of 2007. This is his third and most recent feature and while it may not be his best, it most certainly conveys his talents as a great screenwriter and realist.

  17. WhatsUpWill's rating of the film Win Win

    Margo Martindale, scene stealer! If only she had more screen time. :(

  18. Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film Win Win

  19. Cassandra Niki's rating of the film Win Win

    The one thing I really love about this film is it's witty dialogues. I keep finding myself smiling after every sentence.

  20. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Win Win

    Tender and funny film about a lawyer, who after becoming the guardian of a senile client, ends up saddled with raising his runaway grandson. A smartly written and perceptive human drama that packs a surprising emotional punch amidst its perfectly modulated comedy. Strong work all the way around.

  21. strangeseasons's rating of the film Win Win

    loved it! great movie to watch with your friends. all my friends I watched it with loved it as well.

  22. Edward Copeland's rating of the film Win Win

    The cast is excellent, the viewing experience is pleasant enough but something just fails to click as a movie as a whole.

  23. fmeshtar's rating of the film Win Win

  24. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Win Win

    a thoroughly great indie, 8/10 my review:

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