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  1. Photo of Jan Schütte

    Jan Schütte Screenplay, Producer Director

  2. Photo of Thomas Strittmatter

    Thomas Strittmatter Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger

    Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger Cast

  4. Photo of Susanne Lothar

    Susanne Lothar Cast

  5. Photo of Traugott Buhre

    Traugott Buhre Cast

  6. Photo of Udo Samel

    Udo Samel Cast

  7. Photo of Mine-Marei Wiegandt

    Mine-Marei Wiegandt Cast

  8. Photo of Mathias Gnädinger

    Mathias Gnädinger Cast

  9. Photo of Fritz Lichtenhahn

    Fritz Lichtenhahn Cast

  10. Photo of Jan Biczycki

    Jan Biczycki Cast

  11. Photo of Horst-Joachim Berodt

    Horst-Joachim Berodt Cast

  12. Photo of Axel Milberg

    Axel Milberg Cast

  13. Photo of Horst Mendroch

    Horst Mendroch Cast

  14. Photo of Bodo Abel

    Bodo Abel Cast

  15. Photo of Ulrich Wildgruber

    Ulrich Wildgruber Cast

  16. Photo of Sophie Maintigneux

    Sophie Maintigneux Cinematography

  17. Photo of Claus Bantzer

    Claus Bantzer Music

  18. Photo of Joachim von Mengershausen

    Joachim von Mengershausen Producer

  19. Photo of Renate Merck

    Renate Merck Editing