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  1. nessmj's rating of the film Wind River

    3.5 despite the blunt deliveries of renner and, at times, bad writing, it's pretty decent. open distance shots, aerial shots to illustrate space and desolation. a landscape to mirror the harsh conditions under which the natives live, some points a bit beaten into you via dialogue.

  2. McOpinionated's rating of the film Wind River

    ok for not being an urban film, but stupid action sequence, and nasty misanthropic plot that I can live without. I prefer the "return of the native" semi-outsider hero in plots like this than the white hunter hero who knows to learn from native wisdom. Pah. So much more could be done in this context.

  3. Django's rating of the film Wind River

    What to say...? A perfectly serviceable, average entertainment but with a script overhaul and a different director this could have been a 4.5 star film.

  4. konochingo's rating of the film Wind River

    Intense detective story, weighty themes. Has a sick-as-fuck shootout sequence. Exploration of the affinity between white working class culture and Native American culture. One could critique how it's handled, but you get the sense the filmmaker gives a shit. Elizabeth Olson's performance is great but her character was underwritten. Could've jettisoned the whole “babe in the woods” routine that her story opens with.

  5. Kevin's rating of the film Wind River

    Sheridan has proven, with Hell or High Water and now Wind River, he has a unique voice in cinema capable of exploring the intricacies of tribal-western relationships of the American West. This film has a seriously strong output, and wouldn't be surprised if I give it that last star upon additional viewings.

  6. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Wind River

    Sheridan has written some of the best crime films of the past couple years, but I found his directorial debut very disappointing (despite some brilliant flashes). Anything positive I can say about it, he accomplished better in previous works. It's not as thematically deep as "Sicario." It's not as smart or well-constructed as "Hell or High Water." Rather, this is an unfocused, heavy-handed effort.

  7. Boyuan123's rating of the film Wind River

    That build-up before that climactic scene at the trailers was offing masterful. #respect

  8. FISCHER's rating of the film Wind River

    Honorée par le Prix de la Mise en Scène au Festival de Cannes 2017, dans la section "Un Certain Regard", cette seconde œuvre d'un presque quinquagénaire cinéaste plus connu pour ses contributions scénaristiques, a déplu à certains critiques labellisés, fort contrits par la simplicité du récit et une narration linéaire et tranchante...

  9. Addy K.'s rating of the film Wind River

    The hard-bitten poetry ("a place of silence and snow") lives between clichéd character moments (Olsen-Renner romantic subtext) and, what appears to be, the writer's strategic use of social consciousness (title card says FBI stats on missing Native American women are unknown). WIND RIVER is a grim murder-mystery with a refreshing old school charm. But it pales in comparison to THE PLEDGE, a more complex and true film.

  10. Zach Closs's rating of the film Wind River

    A grim, affecting, chilly companion piece to "Hell or High Water." Sheridan isn't as sure-footed a director as Villeneuve or McKenzie, but the measured pace results in some authentic, sleeper gut-punch moments, and allows Olsen, Renner, Greene and Birmingham time to shine with their rich characters.

  11. MONSIEURDE's rating of the film Wind River

  12. Loz Loory's rating of the film Wind River

    Jeremy Renner carries this film, but it's hardly stretching his range. Offensive fetishization of dead rape victim. Why are we shown her face in long gazes, but never the face of the dead man? The decision to include the rape scene in its entirety is gratuitous and tasteless. Flashback snippets would have been enough. Olsen's FBI agent character is unbelievable. Stop it with the long flowing hair. Give her a nose.

  13. Luke Lomeli's rating of the film Wind River

  14. Mariana Filipa's rating of the film Wind River

  15. chanandre's rating of the film Wind River

    Was it The best way to waste him? I'd have left him near the mountain lions' lair, but maybe I'm mean and loathe far too much serial rapists./Getting sick of the recurring misogynistic trope that demands that "strong" women characters must too often be abuse survivors. Must overcome "adversity" means they need to be abused. Can't you be a normal empowered woman in lieu of a victim?Sorry, no ovation for you.*FACEPALM*

  16. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Wind River

    A strong personification of "sheep country" in both a locational and masculine sense, all while being competently directed by Taylor Sheridan, who will one day make a film that will garner numerous Oscars. "Wind River" is slow to start, but once it gains momentum, it becomes one of the few movies that we see maybe once a year that dials back and reminds us about the complexity and emotion behind one person's death.

  17. bryanvmh's rating of the film Wind River

    It's too bad this well-shot movie with great sound design is so bad. Jeremy Renner is yet another white savior who learns from Natives in order to protect them. Also, Elizabeth Olsen's FBI agent just keeps repeating a variation of, "I don't know what I am doing" But Jeremy Renner ain't gonna ask questions, he knows the terrain, he is a wildlife service officer (who exclusively describes himself as a hunter).

  18. thelastronaut's rating of the film Wind River

    While "Sicario" had an insider (del Toro) guide an outsider (Blunt) through an underworld of terror, "Wind River" has an insider (Renner) guide an outsider (Olsen) through an underworld of loss. Loss of land, identity, purpose, life. For those living in Wind River, the present is as bleak as the landscape and the future is as hard to see as the road in a blizzard. Capturing this overall mood is the film's success.

  19. bencor's rating of the film Wind River

    Like The Embrace of the Serpent, this should be dedicated to all the dude Bros in history that have pissed on the rug that is North America. All the dude ever wanted was his rug back. It tied the room together.

  20. OLIVER-J's rating of the film Wind River

    well made but unremarkable. there are some very well crafted, incredibly tense moments but there were more that fall a little flat. mostly good camera work aside from some distracting handheld close ups during conversations. Elizabeth Olsen seems miscast though, not that she was bad... overall a bit of a disappointment.

  21. ricardo ssj's rating of the film Wind River

    You’re looking for clues, but you’re missing all the signs.

  22. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Wind River

    Sheridan’s characters aren’t rich, quirky or glamorous, instead they’re battling economic difficulties and insurmountable grief. His attention to detail and nature’s relentlessness help elevate a nihilistic narrative into a poetic one. Channeling Michael Mann, Sheridan crafts a film with real consequences, where the cold kills, the sound of bullets is nightmarish, and every scene might be the last for our heroes.

  23. Ieva Šukytė's rating of the film Wind River

    I honestly don't understand why this film won a prize in Un Certain Regard programme.

  24. Daniella Hervert's rating of the film Wind River