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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Bryan Hickman's rating of the film Window Horses

    Too cutesy, even for me, but the animation was mesmerizing at times, seemingly jumping off of the screen.

  2. J. O.'s rating of the film Window Horses

    After finally catching this, the hype is wholly confusing. The animation and overall style is scatter-shot in a sense that feels directionless and amateur, not stylistic and auteur-driven. The key voices are okay, but the rest are amateur - to a distracting degree. The overall pace (or, the edit) has so much dead air and awkwardly dull pauses that it's genuinely hard to pay attention to the one-note story.

  3. Kamran's rating of the film Window Horses

    A beautifully animated and colourful narrative dealing with self-discovery, knowledge, and art. A young girl with little knowledge of the world nor of her past, her family, or her culture, attends a festival in Iran where her perspective and conscience will be awakened by the experiences she encounters and the knowledge she receives More: 80/100 – Great.