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  1. Photo of George Cukor

    George Cukor Director

  2. Photo of Jerome Cady

    Jerome Cady Screenplay

  3. Photo of Moss Hart

    Moss Hart Play and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lon McCallister

    Lon McCallister Cast

  5. Photo of Jeanne Crain

    Jeanne Crain Cast

  6. Photo of Edmond O'Brien

    Edmond O'Brien Cast

  7. Photo of Jane Ball

    Jane Ball Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Daniels

    Mark Daniels Cast

  9. Photo of Jo-Carroll Dennison

    Jo-Carroll Dennison Cast

  10. Photo of Don Taylor

    Don Taylor Cast

  11. Photo of Judy Holliday

    Judy Holliday Cast

  12. Photo of Lee J. Cobb

    Lee J. Cobb Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Lind Hayes

    Peter Lind Hayes Cast

  14. Photo of Red Buttons

    Red Buttons Cast

  15. Photo of Barry Nelson

    Barry Nelson Cast

  16. Photo of Rune Hultman

    Rune Hultman Cast

  17. Photo of Gary Merrill

    Gary Merrill Cast

  18. Photo of George Reeves

    George Reeves Cast

  19. Photo of George Petrie

    George Petrie Cast

  20. Photo of Alfred Ryder

    Alfred Ryder Cast

  21. Photo of Karl Malden

    Karl Malden Cast

  22. Photo of Martin Ritt

    Martin Ritt Cast

  23. Photo of Brad Dexter

    Brad Dexter Cast

  24. Photo of Glen MacWilliams

    Glen MacWilliams Cinematography

  25. Photo of David Rose

    David Rose Music

  26. Photo of Darryl F. Zanuck

    Darryl F. Zanuck Producer

  27. Photo of Barbara McLean

    Barbara McLean Editing

  28. Photo of Eugene Grossman

    Eugene Grossman Sound

  29. Photo of Roger Heman Sr.

    Roger Heman Sr. Sound

  30. Photo of Kay Nelson

    Kay Nelson Costume Design

  31. Photo of Lyle R. Wheeler

    Lyle R. Wheeler Art Department

  32. Photo of Lewis H. Creber

    Lewis H. Creber Art Department

  33. Photo of Thomas Little

    Thomas Little Art Department

  34. Photo of Fred Sersen

    Fred Sersen Special Effects