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  1. Photo of Ivo Trajkov

    Ivo Trajkov Director

  2. Photo of Ivan Arsenyev

    Ivan Arsenyev Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jan Stehlík

    Jan Stehlík Screenplay

  4. Photo of Božena Němcová

    Božena Němcová Screenplay

  5. Photo of David Svehlík

    David Svehlík Cast

  6. Photo of Karel Zima

    Karel Zima Cast

  7. Photo of Marie Durnová

    Marie Durnová Cast

  8. Photo of Verica Nedeska

    Verica Nedeska Cast

  9. Photo of Magdalena Sidonová

    Magdalena Sidonová Cast

  10. Photo of Karel Dobrý

    Karel Dobrý Cast

  11. Photo of Václav Helsus

    Václav Helsus Cast

  12. Photo of Stanislav Zindulka

    Stanislav Zindulka Cast

  13. Photo of David Novotný

    David Novotný Cast

  14. Photo of Klaus Fuxjäger

    Klaus Fuxjäger Cinematography

  15. Photo of Katerina Kopicová

    Katerina Kopicová Production Design

  16. Photo of Robert Jazadziski

    Robert Jazadziski Producer

  17. Photo of Jiří Konečný

    Jiří Konečný Producer

  18. Photo of Petra Rausová

    Petra Rausová Editing

  19. Photo of Michal Holubec

    Michal Holubec Sound