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  1. Photo of Jim Goddard

    Jim Goddard Director

  2. Photo of Gareth Davies

    Gareth Davies Director

  3. Photo of Donald McWhinnie

    Donald McWhinnie Director

  4. Photo of Desmond Davis

    Desmond Davis Director

  5. Photo of John Sichel

    John Sichel Director

  6. Photo of Peter Jefferies

    Peter Jefferies Director

  7. Photo of Peter Cregeen

    Peter Cregeen Director and Producer

  8. Photo of Barry Thomas

    Barry Thomas Screenplay

  9. Photo of Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Screenplay

  10. Photo of Arden Winch

    Arden Winch Screenplay

  11. Photo of Gidley Wheeler

    Gidley Wheeler Screenplay

  12. Photo of Tim Woodward

    Tim Woodward Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Cochrane

    Michael Cochrane Cast

  14. Photo of Nicholas Jones

    Nicholas Jones Cast

  15. Photo of David Troughton

    David Troughton Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Jayes

    Michael Jayes Cast

  17. Photo of Celia Bannerman

    Celia Bannerman Cast

  18. Photo of Roger Elliott

    Roger Elliott Cast

  19. Photo of John Hallam

    John Hallam Cast

  20. Photo of Anne Kristen

    Anne Kristen Cast

  21. Photo of Nigel Walters

    Nigel Walters Cinematography

  22. Photo of Peter Hamilton

    Peter Hamilton Cinematography

  23. Photo of Fred Hamilton

    Fred Hamilton Cinematography

  24. Photo of Godfrey Johnson

    Godfrey Johnson Cinematography

  25. Photo of Ian Pugsley

    Ian Pugsley Cinematography

  26. Photo of Alexander Faris

    Alexander Faris Music

  27. Photo of Tony Snoaden

    Tony Snoaden Production Design

  28. Photo of Colin Green

    Colin Green Production Design

  29. Photo of Colin Shaw

    Colin Shaw Production Design

  30. Photo of Gerry Scott

    Gerry Scott Production Design

  31. Photo of Gloria Clayton

    Gloria Clayton Production Design

  32. Photo of Austen Spriggs

    Austen Spriggs Production Design

  33. Photo of Richard Morris

    Richard Morris Production Design

  34. Photo of Eric Walmsley

    Eric Walmsley Production Design

  35. Photo of John O'Hara

    John O'Hara Production Design

  36. Photo of Larry Toft

    Larry Toft Editing

  37. Photo of Rafiq Anwar

    Rafiq Anwar Editing

  38. Photo of David Thomson

    David Thomson Editing

  39. Photo of Roland Tongue

    Roland Tongue Editing

  40. Photo of Graham Rogers

    Graham Rogers Sound

  41. Photo of George W. Ward

    George W. Ward Costume Design

  42. Photo of Prue Handley

    Prue Handley Costume Design