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  1. Photo of Harald Philipp

    Harald Philipp Director

  2. Photo of Karl May

    Karl May Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fred Denger

    Fred Denger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lex Barker

    Lex Barker Cast

  5. Photo of Pierre Brice

    Pierre Brice Cast

  6. Photo of Götz George

    Götz George Cast

  7. Photo of Uschi Glas

    Uschi Glas Cast

  8. Photo of Ralf Wolter

    Ralf Wolter Cast

  9. Photo of Walter Barnes

    Walter Barnes Cast

  10. Photo of Ilija Dzuvalekovski

    Ilija Dzuvalekovski Cast

  11. Photo of Miha Baloh

    Miha Baloh Cast

  12. Photo of Marinko Cosic

    Marinko Cosic Cast

  13. Photo of Petar Dobric

    Petar Dobric Cast

  14. Photo of Vladimir Leib

    Vladimir Leib Cast

  15. Photo of Nada Kasapić

    Nada Kasapić Cast

  16. Photo of Abdurrahman Shala

    Abdurrahman Shala Cast

  17. Photo of Marija Crnobori

    Marija Crnobori Cast

  18. Photo of Sime Jagarinac

    Sime Jagarinac Cast

  19. Photo of Zvonko Dobrin

    Zvonko Dobrin Cast

  20. Photo of Ivo Kristof

    Ivo Kristof Cast

  21. Photo of Branko Špoljar

    Branko Špoljar Cast

  22. Photo of Rikard Brzeska

    Rikard Brzeska Cast

  23. Photo of Mile Gatara

    Mile Gatara Cast

  24. Photo of Adam Vedernjak

    Adam Vedernjak Cast

  25. Photo of Heinz Hölscher

    Heinz Hölscher Cinematography

  26. Photo of Martin Böttcher

    Martin Böttcher Music

  27. Photo of Vladimir Tadej

    Vladimir Tadej Production Design

  28. Photo of Horst Wendlandt

    Horst Wendlandt Producer

  29. Photo of Erwin Gitt

    Erwin Gitt Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Stipe Gurdulic

    Stipe Gurdulic Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Jutta Hering

    Jutta Hering Editing

  32. Photo of Matija Barbalic

    Matija Barbalic Sound

  33. Photo of Hans-Walter Kramski

    Hans-Walter Kramski Sound