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  1. Photo of Hans Steinbichler

    Hans Steinbichler Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martin Rauhaus

    Martin Rauhaus Screenplay

  3. Photo of Josef Bierbichler

    Josef Bierbichler Cast

  4. Photo of Sibel Kekilli

    Sibel Kekilli Cast

  5. Photo of Hanna Schygulla

    Hanna Schygulla Cast

  6. Photo of Philipp Hochmair

    Philipp Hochmair Cast

  7. Photo of Anna Schudt

    Anna Schudt Cast

  8. Photo of Johann von Bülow

    Johann von Bülow Cast

  9. Photo of André Hennicke

    André Hennicke Cast

  10. Photo of Brigitte Hobmeier

    Brigitte Hobmeier Cast

  11. Photo of Aloysius Itoka

    Aloysius Itoka Cast

  12. Photo of Stephan Bissmeier

    Stephan Bissmeier Cast

  13. Photo of Stefan Merki

    Stefan Merki Cast

  14. Photo of Klaus Manchen

    Klaus Manchen Cast

  15. Photo of Martin Goeres

    Martin Goeres Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Grimm

    Michael Grimm Cast

  17. Photo of Frederike Schinzler

    Frederike Schinzler Cast

  18. Photo of Annett Segerer

    Annett Segerer Cast

  19. Photo of Bella Halben

    Bella Halben Cinematography

  20. Photo of Antoni Lazarkiewicz

    Antoni Lazarkiewicz Music

  21. Photo of Doerthe Komnick

    Doerthe Komnick Production Design

  22. Photo of Johannes Sternagel

    Johannes Sternagel Production Design

  23. Photo of Cornelia Ackers

    Cornelia Ackers Producer

  24. Photo of Dieter Ulrich Aselmann

    Dieter Ulrich Aselmann Producer

  25. Photo of Maike Beba

    Maike Beba Producer

  26. Photo of Tom Blieninger

    Tom Blieninger Producer

  27. Photo of Barbara Häbe

    Barbara Häbe Producer

  28. Photo of Jochen Kölsch

    Jochen Kölsch Producer

  29. Photo of Monika Lobkowicz

    Monika Lobkowicz Producer

  30. Photo of Robert Marciniak

    Robert Marciniak Producer

  31. Photo of Anne Loewer

    Anne Loewer Editing