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  1. jewelsofglory's rating of the film Winter Light

    A beautiful film, however my least favourite out of the triology

  2. abunchoffilms's rating of the film Winter Light

    Are we alone is this existence? Bergman seeks to explore the existential juxtaposition of faith and reality, and finds a somewhat lonely yet middling peace.

  3. Rui's rating of the film Winter Light

    A superb representation of transition from religion and faith to humanist based compassion. 5+stars.

  4. SpacePirate's rating of the film Winter Light

    Bergman certainly knew how to probe areas of morality, faith, despair, and introspection more than any other "classic" filmmaker, and Winter Light is no exception. Beautifully photographed by Nykvist and featuring memorable performances by all involved (even with so many top notch movies in all their respective careers!), this one is not to be missed. Essential world cinema. 5 easy stars

  5. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Winter Light

    A sublimely austere film about the exquisitely unbearable state of being, with the impossibility of a fatherly god made manifest in robotic religious procedure and inevitable crises of faith. The deftness and delicacy of how these conflicts are played out is magnificently achieved through the most sombre of filmic means, finding a redemption in a kind of compassion if not love and certainly no resolution. Superb.

  6. Ethan's rating of the film Winter Light

    There is just something about this film that feels overtly sexual to me. Gunnar Bjornstrand is nothing short of brilliant here as a preacher with a crisis of faith on Bergman's ongoing quest to find the truth in spirituality.

  7. Luca's rating of the film Winter Light

  8. Aardsy's rating of the film Winter Light

    A masterclass in the pain of rejection.

  9. Roy Deckard's rating of the film Winter Light

    "Once and for all I have to escape this junkyard of idiotic trivialities."

  10. Dzernera's rating of the film Winter Light

    I see this as a story on the natural human longing for purpose, for meaning, love&approval. Yet what happens when you realize that the effort you've made your whole life turns out to be fruitless, that it's possible to live in lies&denial but at what costs? We're all alone in this search for greater meanings after all&Bergman as usually has managed to masterfully reach the darkest chambers of one's troubled mind.

  11. Bekriah M's rating of the film Winter Light

    Brilliant depiction of the question of faith, but not only.

  12. FISCHER's rating of the film Winter Light

    Oeuvre dépouillée, profondément déchirée entre une remise en clair des préceptes religieux et l'échappatoire d'un athéisme libérateur. Du cinéma de première nécessité...

  13. beatrizatriz's rating of the film Winter Light

    Isto foi fantástico. Não foi o meu Bergman preferido, mas é um retrato brutal da busca por um sentido próprio, após a tragédia, e a paranóia constante de temer/aceitar que nada nunca suplantará o tempo que passou: nem a religião, nem as boas obras, nem o amor.

  14. Faustgelopoulos's rating of the film Winter Light

  15. smndvdcl's rating of the film Winter Light

    One of his most personal: an exploration into the disillusionment of religious faith and marital love. The film laments and seeths in what feels like a semi-autobiographical confessional.

  16. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Winter Light

    A fine effort from master Ingmar Bergman. My expectations may, however, have come in the way as I was told it would be exeedingly bleak. And it is, just not in the way I thought it would be.

  17. Maudealan's rating of the film Winter Light

    I would need to rewatch it but like it felt like an exploration of a crisis of faith in a reasonably unlikable man that like at least didn't reduce women to like complete "she doesn't UNDERSTAND" and instead had a woman be the voice about his own inability to like commit to more than shallow relationships with others? I may also only remember the Ingrid Thulin monologue tbh

  18. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Winter Light

  19.'s rating of the film Winter Light

    (...) Ist das der Aufschrei eines Künstlers, dessen Leben genauso kalt schien? Der nicht geben konnte? Wie autobiographisch Nattvardsgästerna tatsächlich ist, werden wir wohl nie herausfinden. Im Herzen ist es ein Film über einen Mann, der sich für Gott hält und versagt.

  20. alice's rating of the film Winter Light

    Il silenzio di Dio sarà pure orribile, ma quanto più tremendo è il silenzio degli uomini, la poca compassione/comprensione di chi potrebbe aiutare, dare conforto.

  21. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Winter Light

    The priests face is finally fully illuminated in the cold winter light. This is a moment of revelation for him. There is no god. And it is utterly despairing. This is after giving a speech to a suicidal man terrified of nuclear annihilation. It took the intense fear of another man’s suspicions of higher powers at play to make him finally release all feelings on his own conclusion that indeed, there is not.

  22. ramasantputra's rating of the film Winter Light

  23. ceknklsn's rating of the film Winter Light

  24. EdieEmm's rating of the film Winter Light

    The style and starkness of Bresson; the timing of a wry comedy... The tragedy of Bergman's youth, repeated as sophisticated farce? Both intellectually sincere & totally devoid of emotion, and marked throughout by the unmistakable type of distance associated with irony. 5 stars not because it's necessarily better than Through a Glass Darkly (which got 4) but because it's only now I'm starting to get this god trilogy.

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