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  1. Photo of Winterfilm Collective

    Winterfilm Collective Director

  2. Photo of Robert Fiore

    Robert Fiore Producer and Cinematography

  3. Photo of David Gilles

    David Gilles Producer

  4. Photo of David Grubin

    David Grubin Producer and Cinematography

  5. Photo of Jeff Holstein

    Jeff Holstein Producer and Cinematography

  6. Photo of Algis Kaupas

    Algis Kaupas Producer

  7. Photo of Barbara Kopple

    Barbara Kopple Producer and Editing

  8. Photo of Nancy Miller

    Nancy Miller Producer

  9. Photo of Lee Osborne

    Lee Osborne Producer

  10. Photo of Roger Phenix

    Roger Phenix Producer

  11. Photo of Benay Rubinstein

    Benay Rubinstein Producer and Editing

  12. Photo of Fred Aronow

    Fred Aronow Cinematography and Producer

  13. Photo of David Gillis

    David Gillis Cinematography

  14. Photo of Michael Lesser

    Michael Lesser Cinematography and Producer

  15. Photo of Rusty Sachs

    Rusty Sachs Cast

  16. Photo of Joe Bangert

    Joe Bangert Cast

  17. Photo of Scott Shimabukuro

    Scott Shimabukuro Cast

  18. Photo of Kenneth Campbell

    Kenneth Campbell Cast

  19. Photo of Scott Camil

    Scott Camil Cast

  20. Photo of John Kerry

    John Kerry Cast

  21. Photo of Steve Pitkin

    Steve Pitkin Cast

  22. Photo of Jonathan Birch

    Jonathan Birch Cast

  23. Photo of Charles Stevens

    Charles Stevens Cast

  24. Photo of Fred Nienke

    Fred Nienke Cast

  25. Photo of David Bishop

    David Bishop Cast

  26. Photo of Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale Cast

  27. Photo of Michael Hunter

    Michael Hunter Cast

  28. Photo of Murphy Lloyd

    Murphy Lloyd Cast

  29. Photo of Nancy Baker

    Nancy Baker Editing and Producer

  30. Photo of Rhetta Barron

    Rhetta Barron Editing and Producer

  31. Photo of Barbara Jarvis

    Barbara Jarvis Editing and Producer

  32. Photo of Lucy Massie Phenix

    Lucy Massie Phenix Editing and Producer

  33. Photo of Michaël Weill

    Michaël Weill Editing and Producer