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  1. Photo of Stanisław Lenartowicz

    Stanisław Lenartowicz Director

  2. Photo of Tadeusz Konwicki

    Tadeusz Konwicki Screenplay

  3. Photo of Włodzisław Ziembińskiego

    Włodzisław Ziembińskiego Cast

  4. Photo of Maria Kierzkowa

    Maria Kierzkowa Cast

  5. Photo of Zygmunt Zintel

    Zygmunt Zintel Cast

  6. Photo of Ligia Branice

    Ligia Branice Cast

  7. Photo of Bogusz Bilewski

    Bogusz Bilewski Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Ciesielska

    Maria Ciesielska Cast

  9. Photo of Tamara Pasławska

    Tamara Pasławska Cast

  10. Photo of Zbigniew Stokowski

    Zbigniew Stokowski Cast

  11. Photo of Marian Nowak

    Marian Nowak Cast

  12. Photo of Janina Niczewska

    Janina Niczewska Cast

  13. Photo of Mieczysław Jahoda

    Mieczysław Jahoda Cinematography

  14. Photo of Adam Walacinski

    Adam Walacinski Music

  15. Photo of Jan Grandys

    Jan Grandys Production Design

  16. Photo of Lidia Pacewicz

    Lidia Pacewicz Editing

  17. Photo of Stanislaw Urbaniak

    Stanislaw Urbaniak Sound

  18. Photo of Zdzisław Kielanowski

    Zdzisław Kielanowski Costume Design