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  1. ClaraSoph's rating of the film Winterland

    I liked its simplicity. I don't know, it touched me. The wide snowy countryside and the beautiful artless arabic philosophy... kind of inspiring!

  2. Katherine Walker's rating of the film Winterland

    I don't understand this site at all. Why would I want to a) watch a film I can't EASILY find the trailer for (not option visible but the $ 2.99 fee to watch movie sure is obvious!); and b) click on a link from an email "Scandi Sensations" that offers no promo-like trailer for me to decide what I want to see. Thumbs down on your site developer/content producers--not making me want to try your service AT ALL

  3. paulamarques's rating of the film Winterland

  4. Tigrão's rating of the film Winterland

    very cute film, beautifully filmed.