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  1. Beatrice Lorenzini's rating of the film Wise Blood

  2. gld48's rating of the film Wise Blood

    great but interminably long

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Une oeuvre étonnante et plutôt juvénile, d'une texture ardue et complexe sous des apparences formelles et linéaires, d'une tranchante écriture à la fois riche et touffue, monastique et glaciale, qui se revoit plusieurs fois, pour en apprécier toute la folie dévastatrice, celle d'un être ébranlé, celle d'une société en doute, en quête d'apaisement et de stabilité.

  4. Eric Sherwood's rating of the film Wise Blood

    damn, i need to read me some Flannery.

  5. SpacePirate's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Dourif gives a spellbinding performance in this top notch Huston effort. Such a versatile director. Harry Dean Stanton and Ned Beatty give fine supporting work. Seek it out, a forgotten gem.

  6. Jason's rating of the film Wise Blood

    One great gift of the counterculture was these tremendous loose-limbed shaggy dog movies of the 1970s (this one arriving at the tail end). Just so happens to be an adaptation of one of my very favorite novels (American or otherwise). And adapted by John Huston (his era's great literary adapter par excellence). Also: don't think that any other literary character has been so well embodied as is Hazel Motes by Dourif.

  7. Ethan's rating of the film Wise Blood

    This is an excellent adaptation of Flannery O' Connor's brilliant novel that shows the absurdity of religion in the deep South. Everyone in this film is brilliant and Huston keeps O'Connor's vision alive and kicking.

  8. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Love the acting, love the score. But where does all this go ? Is Huston mocking America with all its phoney preachers ? Is religion mostly about selling and advertising ? Well the Sayles brothers showed it already and way better. Did not feel much emotion whatsoever for this tale of losers.

  9. mubianer's rating of the film Wise Blood

  10. ARNMG's rating of the film Wise Blood

  11. Lars Åndheim's rating of the film Wise Blood

    The strangest film directed by John Huston and definitely rivalling the strangest works of directors more intuitively associated with strangeness. Is it ineptly and confusedly stylized or uncompromisingly experimental? Hard to tell after one viewing. Many thematic peculiarities stuck though — especially the main characters concept of "Church Without Christ" and his eventual sacrifice.

  12. Keith Fletcher's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Huston adapts Flannory O'Conner. LOVE IT!

  13. El Biffo's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Fine performances from a stellar cast, including Brad Dourif (ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST), Harry Dean Stanton (PARIS, TEXAS), and Amy Wright (STARDUST MEMORIES). 3.79 stars.

  14. Blumes's rating of the film Wise Blood

  15. João Eça's rating of the film Wise Blood

  16. Franc Aparicio's rating of the film Wise Blood

    When i first watch this film i felt in love with it's wierdness,surrealism, genius dialogue and terrific characters and performance, especially from brad dourif, a brilliant movie with much to offer ,

  17. Maurice Lee's rating of the film Wise Blood

    I'm a Christian myself, but I have to admit, this is one powerful movie with a completely underrated actor.

  18. semischolastic's rating of the film Wise Blood

    This movie would have been incredible with a different soundtrack, or even with silence. A shame that such a little thing could ruin the mood of O'Connor's masterpiece.

  19. Robert W Peabody III's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Wise Blood Wise Blood is to the film world what Lone Justice was to the world of Rock & Roll: the greatest band no one ever heard of. Brad Dourif’s performance is over-the-top alright, over-the-top brilliant ! He has essentialized the character to the point of being otherworldly – wow, how ironic is that !

  20. Pedro's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Apart from Brad Dourif's tour de force (completely possessed), and just to counterbalance things a bit, the music DOES soothe the film, IMHO. I'm a sucker for most of Huston's work, anyway. Highly recommended: never mind the trailer out there and just watch it.

  21. BrianFromConcentrate's rating of the film Wise Blood

    The characters, all flawed, are extremely interesting. I found myself wanting to know more about the "blind" preacher and his girl. Also would have love to see more of Hazel's past. On my way out to buy some quicklime. Maybe I'll see you later.

  22. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Uneven and incomplete, but really well acted- specifically Brad Dourif!

  23. REH1101's rating of the film Wise Blood

    A competent adaptation albeit one that doesn't offer much to compliment O'Connor's text. The actors deliver appropriately weird performances and the shooting locations are great, but Huston doesn't demonstrate much else as a director that makes me believe his vision matched the literary titan's. The cinematography, editing, sound design and pretty much everything else he was responsible for is entirely average.

  24. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Wise Blood

    Decidely more tragicomic and surrealist than ever before. Another show about the love that John Huston always professed to losers.

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