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  1. Photo of Jerzy Hoffman

    Jerzy Hoffman Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Henryk Sienkiewicz

    Henryk Sienkiewicz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Izabella Scorupco

    Izabella Scorupco Cast

  4. Photo of Michał Żebrowski

    Michał Żebrowski Cast

  5. Photo of Aleksandr Domogarov

    Aleksandr Domogarov Cast

  6. Photo of Krzysztof Kowalewski

    Krzysztof Kowalewski Cast

  7. Photo of Bogdan Stupka

    Bogdan Stupka Cast

  8. Photo of Andrzej Seweryn

    Andrzej Seweryn Cast

  9. Photo of Zbigniew Zamachowski

    Zbigniew Zamachowski Cast

  10. Photo of Wiktor Zborowski

    Wiktor Zborowski Cast

  11. Photo of Wojciech Malajkat

    Wojciech Malajkat Cast

  12. Photo of Ewa Wisniewska

    Ewa Wisniewska Cast

  13. Photo of Ruslana Pysanka

    Ruslana Pysanka Cast

  14. Photo of Daniel Olbrychski

    Daniel Olbrychski Cast

  15. Photo of Marek Kondrat

    Marek Kondrat Cast

  16. Photo of Gustaw Holoubek

    Gustaw Holoubek Cast

  17. Photo of Andrzej Kopiczynski

    Andrzej Kopiczynski Cast

  18. Photo of Maciej Kozlowski

    Maciej Kozlowski Cast

  19. Photo of Adam Ferency

    Adam Ferency Cast

  20. Photo of Gustaw Lutkiewicz

    Gustaw Lutkiewicz Cast

  21. Photo of Dmitri Mirgorodsky

    Dmitri Mirgorodsky Cast

  22. Photo of Jerzy Bonczak

    Jerzy Bonczak Cast

  23. Photo of Lech Dyblik

    Lech Dyblik Cast

  24. Photo of Grzegorz Kedzierski

    Grzegorz Kedzierski Cinematography

  25. Photo of Krzesimir Debski

    Krzesimir Debski Music

  26. Photo of Andrzej Halinski

    Andrzej Halinski Production Design

  27. Photo of Jerzy Frykowski

    Jerzy Frykowski Producer

  28. Photo of Jerzy R. Michaluk

    Jerzy R. Michaluk Producer

  29. Photo of Marcin Bastkowski

    Marcin Bastkowski Editing

  30. Photo of Cezary Grzesiuk

    Cezary Grzesiuk Editing

  31. Photo of Piotr Knop

    Piotr Knop Sound

  32. Photo of Krzysztof Wodzinski

    Krzysztof Wodzinski Sound

  33. Photo of Magdalena Biernawska-Tesławska

    Magdalena Biernawska-Tesławska Costume Design

  34. Photo of Pawel Grabarczyk

    Pawel Grabarczyk Costume Design