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  1. Photo of Nicholas Oulman

    Nicholas Oulman Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Miguel Sales Lopes

    Miguel Sales Lopes Cinematography

  3. Photo of Patricia Saramago

    Patricia Saramago Editing

  4. Photo of Tiago Matos

    Tiago Matos Sound

  5. Photo of Amália Rodrigues

    Amália Rodrigues Cast

  6. Photo of Manuel Alegre

    Manuel Alegre Cast

  7. Photo of João Perry

    João Perry Cast

  8. Photo of Jorge Sampaio

    Jorge Sampaio Cast

  9. Photo of Mário Soares

    Mário Soares Cast

  10. Photo of Amos Oz

    Amos Oz Cast

  11. Photo of Raul Solnado

    Raul Solnado Cast

  12. Photo of Alain Oulman

    Alain Oulman Cast and Music

  13. Photo of Camané

    Camané Cast

  14. Photo of Maria Barroso

    Maria Barroso Cast

  15. Photo of Carminho

    Carminho Cast

  16. Photo of Fernando Lopes

    Fernando Lopes Cast

  17. Photo of Eunice Muñoz

    Eunice Muñoz Cast

  18. Photo of Rui Vieira Nery

    Rui Vieira Nery Cast