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  1. Photo of Mohammed Hammad

    Mohammed Hammad Director

  2. Photo of Mohamed El Sharqawy

    Mohamed El Sharqawy Cinematography

  3. Photo of Sara Kaddouri

    Sara Kaddouri Sound

  4. Photo of St├ęphane de Rocquigny

    St├ęphane de Rocquigny Sound

  5. Photo of Ahmed Al Aidy

    Ahmed Al Aidy Cast

  6. Photo of Ahmed Hammad

    Ahmed Hammad Cast

  7. Photo of Asmaa Fawzy

    Asmaa Fawzy Cast

  8. Photo of Saad Amer

    Saad Amer Cast

  9. Photo of Samia Hammad

    Samia Hammad Cast

  10. Photo of Tamer Abdul-Hamid

    Tamer Abdul-Hamid Cast

  11. Photo of Basant Khalifa

    Basant Khalifa Cast

  12. Photo of Hiba Ali

    Hiba Ali Cast

  13. Photo of Nabil Samy

    Nabil Samy Cast

  14. Photo of Ikram Hanna

    Ikram Hanna Cast

  15. Photo of Jhone Ikram Hanna

    Jhone Ikram Hanna Cast

  16. Photo of Mohammed Mokhtar

    Mohammed Mokhtar Cast

  17. Photo of Mohammed Eissa

    Mohammed Eissa Cast

  18. Photo of Mohammed El Hajj

    Mohammed El Hajj Cast