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  1. Photo of Oscar Micheaux

    Oscar Micheaux Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gene DeAnna

    Gene DeAnna Screenplay

  3. Photo of Evelyn Preer

    Evelyn Preer Cast

  4. Photo of Flo Clements

    Flo Clements Cast

  5. Photo of James D. Ruffin

    James D. Ruffin Cast

  6. Photo of Jack Chenault

    Jack Chenault Cast

  7. Photo of William Smith

    William Smith Cast

  8. Photo of Charles D. Lucas

    Charles D. Lucas Cast

  9. Photo of Bernice Ladd

    Bernice Ladd Cast

  10. Photo of Mrs. Evelyn

    Mrs. Evelyn Cast

  11. Photo of William Stark

    William Stark Cast

  12. Photo of Mattie Edwards

    Mattie Edwards Cast

  13. Photo of Ralph Johnson

    Ralph Johnson Cast

  14. Photo of E.G. Tatum

    E.G. Tatum Cast