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  1. Photo of Annelise Meineche

    Annelise Meineche Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of John Hilbard

    John Hilbard Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Jens Bjørneboe

    Jens Bjørneboe Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aage Wiltrup

    Aage Wiltrup Cinematography

  5. Photo of Edith Schlüssel

    Edith Schlüssel Editing

  6. Photo of H. Gärtner

    H. Gärtner Production Design

  7. Photo of Otto Lund

    Otto Lund Production Design

  8. Photo of Ole Høyer

    Ole Høyer Music

  9. Photo of Anne Grete Nissen

    Anne Grete Nissen Cast

  10. Photo of Ib Mossin

    Ib Mossin Cast

  11. Photo of Niels Dybeck

    Niels Dybeck Cast

  12. Photo of Dieter Eppler

    Dieter Eppler Cast

  13. Photo of Søren Strømberg

    Søren Strømberg Cast

  14. Photo of Dale Robinson

    Dale Robinson Cast

  15. Photo of Bjørn Spiro

    Bjørn Spiro Cast

  16. Photo of John Martinus

    John Martinus Cast

  17. Photo of Ingrid Langballe

    Ingrid Langballe Cast

  18. Photo of Ann Bennett

    Ann Bennett Cast