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  1. Photo of Robert Towne

    Robert Towne Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise Producer

  3. Photo of Paula Wagner

    Paula Wagner Producer

  4. Photo of Conrad L. Hall

    Conrad L. Hall Cinematography

  5. Photo of Billy Crudup

    Billy Crudup Cast

  6. Photo of Donald Sutherland

    Donald Sutherland Cast

  7. Photo of Monica Potter

    Monica Potter Cast

  8. Photo of Jeremy Sisto

    Jeremy Sisto Cast

  9. Photo of Dean Norris

    Dean Norris Cast

  10. Photo of Matthew Lillard

    Matthew Lillard Cast

  11. Photo of Billy Burke

    Billy Burke Cast

  12. Photo of Kenny Moore

    Kenny Moore Executive Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Jonathan Sanger

    Jonathan Sanger Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Music

  15. Photo of Charles Ireland

    Charles Ireland Editing

  16. Photo of Robert K. Lambert

    Robert K. Lambert Editing

  17. Photo of Claire Simpson

    Claire Simpson Editing

  18. Photo of Gabriel Olds

    Gabriel Olds Cast

  19. Photo of Judith Ivey

    Judith Ivey Cast

  20. Photo of William Mapother

    William Mapother Cast

  21. Photo of Adam Setliff

    Adam Setliff Cast

  22. Photo of Nicholas R. Oleson

    Nicholas R. Oleson Cast

  23. Photo of Amy Jo Johnson

    Amy Jo Johnson Cast

  24. Photo of William Friedkin

    William Friedkin Cast