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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Witness

    Oeuvre solide et pleine d'émotion, avec un étonnant Harrison Ford !

  2. Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film Witness

    A more than perfect merging of drama and intense thriller. The two genres can also mirrors the two different worlds of this film. This film really has some truly high moments of levity. The scene of the building of the barn for example. Harrison Ford is so good in this role too. Captivating as always with Peter Weir. 3.5 stars.

  3. Steve G.'s rating of the film Witness

    But if I finish all of my chores and you finish thine, then tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699.

  4. smndvdcl's rating of the film Witness

    A powerful tale of a clash of ideologies - the traditional Amish community colliding with a liberal interloper. One of the great 80's dramas.

  5. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Witness

    A proper movie for adults about the importance of community.

  6. Cláudio Martins da Silva Alves's rating of the film Witness

    Despite its sinewy structure, the script is the key of most of this film’s problems, presenting the audience with mountains of plot contrivances and defining the Amish population as an exotic other. Still, Peter Weir’s direction is breathtaking and it turns the film into a dreamy moving painting. Some of the tableaux look like Millet paintings come to life or a beautiful Dutch portrait of the 17th century.

  7. film_lies101's rating of the film Witness

    May get more mileage out of this film if you are interested/fascinated by Amish culture

  8. Helena FW's rating of the film Witness

    It's a Peter Weir, you know....

  9. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Witness

    30 years later: that house-building sequence still works!

  10. HKFanatic's rating of the film Witness

    Despite Harrison Ford receiving his single Oscar nod for this film, I see "Witness" as more of a showcase for director Peter Weir's lyrical style: this is a film composed out of arresting images and music. As a fan of filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan, it's not difficult to trace the DNA for nearly every one of his features here, from the adult/child dynamic in "The 6th Sense" to the sequestered beauty of "The Village."

  11. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Witness

    Maybe Harrison Ford's best performance.

  12. Jack Hoehn's rating of the film Witness

    Contrary to a lot of other reviews here, I actually think the score is really great. Kelly McGillis's performance was really the highlight to me. Not a Harrison Ford fan, but I liked him here more than usual. Really didn't seem like "my" kind of movie going in but I got really into it!

  13. PROKOSCH's rating of the film Witness

    Maurice Jarre totally ganked Vangelis for his score here.

  14. LouisPZ's rating of the film Witness

    Love the Synth score, Im shocked that people are complaining about it. Would you rather that it just sound like every other movie?

  15. Tõnis Jürgens's rating of the film Witness

    A shotgun-bearing Danny Glover stepping into a pile of dung and cursing/stating, "Shit!" - for me, that was the best bit. And, yes, the soundtrack is horrendous. Apart from that, it was an okay movie.

  16. meancreek's rating of the film Witness

    About as powerful and human as any drama can be. Witness blends the genres of drama and thriller magnificently and it's certainly one of the best written films I've seen in a long, long time. Themes and settings are constantly changing and it's all the better for it. Harrison Ford is incredible and just like any other Peter Weir movie; it looks beautiful.

  17. Kirby's rating of the film Witness

    I really like this film, but the synth score didn't age well.

  18. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Witness

    Great story, great filmmaking (4.0/5)

  19. Trevor Tillman's rating of the film Witness

    Began an ambitious period in Harrison Ford's career that was all too brief. After this, we got amazing performances in The Mosquito Coast, Frantic, and Regarding Henry. I love the moment where the two romantic leads exchange this heavy look, and we know that they both realize that things must come to an end. The only thing I dislike about this film is the synth score. I wish Ford and Weir would reunite again.

  20. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Witness

    Enjoyable but didn't leave much of a lasting impression.

  21. CVH's rating of the film Witness

    rated 'Witness' 5 out of 5 stars

  22. Joel's rating of the film Witness

    An enjoyable film by most regards but at worst it's a bit too sentimental, otherwise an interesting twist on the traditional crime thriller and what gets more manlier than Harrison Ford as a woodworker, throw in a guest appearance of Viggo Mortison to top it all off. Fluff, but enjoyable.

  23. nicolas perge's rating of the film Witness

    It was a strange rediscover. I haven't seen it for a while, more than 10 years. This movie has some really powerful moment like the love meeting between Mc Gillis and Ford or the building of the barn. But the most incredible is the score by Maurice Jarre. A synthetic classical symphony. Watch it again and listen at carefully.

  24. Dzimas's rating of the film Witness

    Before there was the Amish mafia ; )

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