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  1. Photo of Charles B. Griffith

    Charles B. Griffith Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lance Smith

    Lance Smith Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mel Welles

    Mel Welles Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Jayne

    Robert Jayne Cast

  5. Photo of David Carradine

    David Carradine Cast

  6. Photo of Susan Lee Hoffman

    Susan Lee Hoffman Cast

  7. Photo of Blake Bahner

    Blake Bahner Cast

  8. Photo of Lana Clarkson

    Lana Clarkson Cast

  9. Photo of Henry Brandon

    Henry Brandon Cast

  10. Photo of Wayne Grace

    Wayne Grace Cast

  11. Photo of Edward Blackoff

    Edward Blackoff Cast

  12. Photo of Sid Haig

    Sid Haig Cast

  13. Photo of Diana Barton

    Diana Barton Cast

  14. Photo of Sharon Compton

    Sharon Compton Cast

  15. Photo of W.T. Zacha

    W.T. Zacha Cast

  16. Photo of Geza Sinkovics

    Geza Sinkovics Cinematography

  17. Photo of Kathleen B. Cooper

    Kathleen B. Cooper Production Design

  18. Photo of Reid Shane

    Reid Shane Producer

  19. Photo of Sally Mattison

    Sally Mattison Producer

  20. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Jonas Thaler

    Jonas Thaler Editing

  22. Photo of Jed M. Dodge

    Jed M. Dodge Sound

  23. Photo of Clifford 'Kip' Gynn

    Clifford 'Kip' Gynn Sound

  24. Photo of Jeff Mar

    Jeff Mar Sound

  25. Photo of Cynthia Merrill

    Cynthia Merrill Sound

  26. Photo of Pony R. Horton

    Pony R. Horton Visual Effects