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  1. Lana's rating of the film Wolf Creek

  2. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    Every traveller's nightmare come true....the helpful stranger who turns out to be anything, it's not about a politician, but a backwoods loner with too much time/grime on his hands...."based" on a "true story" for your Halloween viewlist....

  3. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    The antagonist's character development is paced perfectly. It's right in your face with what is about to happen yet you still don't see it coming. It parallels Anthony Perkins in the original Psycho for best horror actor of all time.

  4. Darien Disney's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    The first half is one of the greatest horror films you could hope to see. That this was pulled out of the millennial survival horror wreckage pile is a bit of a miracle. But the second half is just more of the same crap.

  5. PeterK94's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    You know something will happen, then it does, then you are just waiting for it to be over. Nothing much here.

  6. janh24's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    A lean, effective thriller that grips until the very end.

  7. abyantama's rating of the film Wolf Creek

  8. Poor Margo's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    sexism alert! the dumbest female characters ever andddd -SPOILER- a final

  9. Egoisms's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    Not nearly as gory and sadistic as I was led to believe. Despite its notoriety it's more suspenseful than outright violent: the profoundly violated corpses of previous victims inspire more fear than any of the acts of violence portrayed on screen: we think we'll see the threesome turn into corpses, too, when in fact they never do. One victim escapes, one dies offscreen, and one is simply shot. All smoke and no fire.

  10. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    La trama è molto classica, con alcune svolte ben riuscite e un finale inaspettato. Il tutto è gestito bene, pur senza innovazioni degne di nota. Momenti violenti ben gestiti e d'effetto. I personaggi sono poco caratterizzati, ma funzionali e il cattivo ha un gran bel carisma. Regia buona e inquadrature dei paesaggi molto suggestive. Buona messa in scena e illuminazione curata. Campagne australiane mostrate spietate.

  11. Evan Schafer's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    For an Australian thriller such as this, it was moderately difficult for me to "get into". There was a lot of setup, all for a not-so-enthralling sequence of bloody violence, making the allover film sort of ... eh. I liked the pacing at the beginning, but because of where the story went, it felt like two films smashed together and that kind of upended me from total enjoyment. The villain is very ominous, though.

  12. Jason Av's rating of the film Wolf Creek

  13. Skinnedteen's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    So this was a waste of time...

  14. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    La típica historia sobre el cazador de carreteras. Más que gore, el trabajo está en dejar en claro la mente retorcida del personaje central. Hay algo muy al margen de la temática de "Wolf creek" que me llama la atención. El trabajo de fotografía sobre los paisajes desérticos de Australia me traen a la memoria dos clásicos de esa localidad: "Wake in Fright" y "Walkabout". Algo de sórdido tiene esa bella naturaleza.

  15. film_lies101's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    Lost me after two of the protagonists go back and try and get another car, WHO THE FUCK WOULD EVER DO THAT. DUMBASS MOVIE LOGIC BULLSHIT

  16. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    Downbeat and grim, but unlike what Ebert & others calling it a "'sadistic celebration of pain and cruelty', its protagonists are endearing and McLean captures humanistic emotion in the first half as expertly as he does the morbid nature of his antagonist. The film may be extremely hard to watch and leave one hopeless at the end, yet good horror is subversive in emotion. Hope is frankly for wussies in this genre.

  17. jenifferp's rating of the film Wolf Creek

  18. Riicko Gillini's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    I feel the film is a failure to being a fresh take on a sagging, abused genre where predectableness domineers...although the settings a tad more picturesque than the mundane surburban nieghbouhoods of middle class America..the cruelty in the content is little more than repitition of the 'torture' themed genre.. however i dd enjoy the 'mad max esque' feel to the ending car chase...4/10

  19. Dave D's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    Talvez fosse impressionável quando lançado, mas assisti-lo hoje não faz jus a todas as recomendações positivas.

  20. Whyte Nite's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    There's a good movie in here somewhere. It's desperately trying to claw out, but the overall cliche'd storyline is keeping it caged.

  21. orangey's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    misogyny anyone ? we watch in detail and in extend scenes the brutal killing of the two female characters while the guy escapes pretty easily and is saved....apparently there's something in the Anglo-saxon colony gene pool that determines people to make cruel and rotten,rotten,rotten movies

  22. J. O.'s rating of the film Wolf Creek

    I wish I liked "Wolf Creek" more than I do, but I cannot. Mick Taylor is truly a charismatic and inventive character unlike any other villain from the gaggle of other horror movies like this. Otherwise the film is dull, contrived, and ultimately a slave to its own shock factor (which wasn't even enough to keep me interested).

  23. ΞRIC B∆Ɖ TASTΞ's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    not bad at all, i like movies with crazy people in the outback..! but the intro was bit too long & the main-part with all the sick stuff was too short... & at the end: this movie had one of the dullest escape of all time !

  24. Johan's rating of the film Wolf Creek

    Competent horror flick. Offers nothing new, really, but as THRESKE said, "good for a few yuks." One thing that is not cool about this movie: the fact that it's based "on true events." It might've been INSPIRED by those events, but the plot of the movie is VERY different from what actually happened. The "true events" tag is merely a sick way to draw attention. It's exploitation. Very disrespectful to the victims.

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