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  1. seyende's rating of the film Wolfsburg

    Ultimately a tragedy, though not without the occasional subtle sense of humor. Throughout the film Petzold often creates a building suspense, only to evade what we'd hoped or feared--characters miss opportunities to confess, or overlook certain details. In the end this is not your typical story of atonement and redemption and I appreciate how this film is willing to toy with and ultimately defy such tropes.

  2. Sara Delshad's rating of the film Wolfsburg

  3. suede's rating of the film Wolfsburg

    It's remarkable for a film with such a contrived plot to be psychologically this captivating and ultimately feel so hauntingly poetic. Automobile soundscapes beautifully interweave with F├╝rmann and Hoss's marvellous screen presence and German non-places. This film isn't called "Wolfsburg" for no reason.

  4. A. Felix's rating of the film Wolfsburg

  5. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Wolfsburg

    A criminally underrated gem of a thriller. Petzold's sophomore effort displays the kind of ace writing and control over the genre one expects only from the most experienced. The development never veers from being absolutely riveting and is appropriately pared with fantastic acting, Nina Hoss is especially a standout. Absolutely recommended.