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  1. Photo of Itami Productions

    Itami Productions Producer

  2. Photo of Jûzô Itami

    Jûzô Itami Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Yonezo Maeda

    Yonezo Maeda Cinematography

  4. Photo of Nobuko Miyamoto

    Nobuko Miyamoto Cast

  5. Photo of Masahiko Nishimura

    Masahiko Nishimura Cast

  6. Photo of Yuji Murata

    Yuji Murata Cast

  7. Photo of Kazuya Takahashi

    Kazuya Takahashi Cast

  8. Photo of Masahiko Tsugawa

    Masahiko Tsugawa Cast

  9. Photo of Toru Emori

    Toru Emori Cast

  10. Photo of Akira Nagoya

    Akira Nagoya Cast

  11. Photo of Taro Yamamoto

    Taro Yamamoto Cast

  12. Photo of Hôka Kinoshita

    Hôka Kinoshita Cast

  13. Photo of Daisuke Ryû

    Daisuke Ryû Cast

  14. Photo of Yoshimasa Kondô

    Yoshimasa Kondô Cast

  15. Photo of Aki Takejô

    Aki Takejô Cast

  16. Photo of Noboru Mitani

    Noboru Mitani Cast

  17. Photo of Toru Masuoka

    Toru Masuoka Cast

  18. Photo of Akira Takarada

    Akira Takarada Cast

  19. Photo of Toshiyuki Honda

    Toshiyuki Honda Music