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  1. Photo of Fernando de Fuentes

    Fernando de Fuentes Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alphonse Daudet

    Alphonse Daudet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfonso Lapeña

    Alfonso Lapeña Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fernando Soler

    Fernando Soler Cast

  5. Photo of María Félix

    María Félix Cast

  6. Photo of Andrés Soler

    Andrés Soler Cast

  7. Photo of Antonio Badú

    Antonio Badú Cast

  8. Photo of Chela Campos

    Chela Campos Cast

  9. Photo of Carlos Villatoro

    Carlos Villatoro Cast

  10. Photo of Carlos Martínez Baena

    Carlos Martínez Baena Cast

  11. Photo of Virginia Serret

    Virginia Serret Cast

  12. Photo of Emma Roldán

    Emma Roldán Cast

  13. Photo of Mimí Derba

    Mimí Derba Cast

  14. Photo of Luis G. Barreiro

    Luis G. Barreiro Cast

  15. Photo of Rafael Icardo

    Rafael Icardo Cast

  16. Photo of María Gentil Arcos

    María Gentil Arcos Cast

  17. Photo of Salvador Quiroz

    Salvador Quiroz Cast

  18. Photo of José Arratia

    José Arratia Cast

  19. Photo of Roberto Cañedo

    Roberto Cañedo Cast

  20. Photo of Luis Enrique Galindo

    Luis Enrique Galindo Producer

  21. Photo of Francisco Domínguez

    Francisco Domínguez Music

  22. Photo of Víctor Herrera

    Víctor Herrera Cinematography

  23. Photo of Rafael Ceballos

    Rafael Ceballos Editing

  24. Photo of Jesús Bracho

    Jesús Bracho Production Design