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  1. Photo of Edwin V. Westrate

    Edwin V. Westrate Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arthur V. Jones

    Arthur V. Jones Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Rowland

    William Rowland Story and Director

  4. Photo of Tala Birell

    Tala Birell Cast

  5. Photo of William Henry

    William Henry Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Loo

    Richard Loo Cast

  7. Photo of Virginia Christine

    Virginia Christine Cast

  8. Photo of Bernadene Hayes

    Bernadene Hayes Cast

  9. Photo of Gordon Richards

    Gordon Richards Cast

  10. Photo of Frances Chung

    Frances Chung Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Brooks

    Jean Brooks Cast

  12. Photo of Helen Mowery

    Helen Mowery Cast

  13. Photo of Benson Fong

    Benson Fong Cast

  14. Photo of Helen Brown

    Helen Brown Cast

  15. Photo of Frederick Giermann

    Frederick Giermann Cast

  16. Photo of Philip Ahn

    Philip Ahn Cast

  17. Photo of Arno Frey

    Arno Frey Cast

  18. Photo of W. Beal Wong

    W. Beal Wong Cast

  19. Photo of Iris Flores

    Iris Flores Cast

  20. Photo of Frederic Brunn

    Frederic Brunn Cast

  21. Photo of Wolfgang Zilzer

    Wolfgang Zilzer Cast

  22. Photo of José Ortiz Ramos

    José Ortiz Ramos Cinematography

  23. Photo of Eugen Schüfftan

    Eugen Schüfftan Cinematography

  24. Photo of Raúl Lavista

    Raúl Lavista Producer

  25. Photo of Dan Milner

    Dan Milner Editing

  26. Photo of James T. Corrigan

    James T. Corrigan Sound

  27. Photo of Mac Dalgleish

    Mac Dalgleish Sound