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  1. Photo of Buzz Kulik

    Buzz Kulik Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Jonas McCord

    Jonas McCord Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Susan Sarandon

    Susan Sarandon Cast

  4. Photo of Kristy McNichol

    Kristy McNichol Cast

  5. Photo of Alberta Watson

    Alberta Watson Cast

  6. Photo of Valerie Mahaffey

    Valerie Mahaffey Cast

  7. Photo of Suzanne Lederer

    Suzanne Lederer Cast

  8. Photo of Patrick Bishop

    Patrick Bishop Cast

  9. Photo of Terry O'Quinn

    Terry O'Quinn Cast

  10. Photo of Gô Awazu

    Gô Awazu Cast

  11. Photo of Neva Patterson

    Neva Patterson Cast

  12. Photo of Jay Acovone

    Jay Acovone Cast

  13. Photo of John Philbin

    John Philbin Cast

  14. Photo of Mike Fash

    Mike Fash Cinematography

  15. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  16. Photo of Charles Bennett

    Charles Bennett Production Design

  17. Photo of Carol Davies

    Carol Davies Producer

  18. Photo of Philip Parslow

    Philip Parslow Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Les Green

    Les Green Editing

  20. Photo of David E. Campbell

    David E. Campbell Sound

  21. Photo of Drew Kunin

    Drew Kunin Sound

  22. Photo of Carey Lindley

    Carey Lindley Sound

  23. Photo of Tally Paulos

    Tally Paulos Sound

  24. Photo of John T. Reitz

    John T. Reitz Sound

  25. Photo of Gregg C. Rudloff

    Gregg C. Rudloff Sound

  26. Photo of Lily Arenas

    Lily Arenas Costume Design

  27. Photo of Rita Riggs

    Rita Riggs Costume Design