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  1. Mariana Mara Nascimento's rating of the film Wonder Woman

  2. Alcock Hitchfred's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    This was fun, but I feel it missed the chance to become something really special. I particularly disliked that it felt like at times she was Steve's sidekick. Maybe next time involve some female writers as well, to focus more in Diana's growth as a character. Plus, I usually prefer heroes that show a bit of vulnerability, rather than the "invincible, flawless god" trope. First 15' were the best.

  3. Babak Geranfar's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Seriously, is that all DCEU got to compete with MCU? Isn`t that not-so-marvelous Retro-War-Porn needs something more reliable for glooming other than its woman director? Read brilliant Stuart Klawans take on this flick in Nation...

  4. mimivulturul's rating of the film Wonder Woman

  5. andra's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Two stars and only for the nicely choreographed fighting scene in Themyscira.

  6. RianWidagdo's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Judul : 3/5 Poster : 4/5 Pembuka : 3/5 Cerita : 3/5 Akting : 3/5 Sinematografi : 4/5 Penutup : 3/5 Soundtrack : 3/5 Rekomendasi : 4/5 Total : 3/5

  7. soniczny's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Awesome. It feels a lot like the old Batman/Superman films, but more serious.I loved decisions that were made. The main character is superoverpowered (or empowered?) by nature, so the character's problem is internal, it is her naivety and idealism that she has to overcome. Her goddess powers would be hard to believe, if they were not embedded in realistical world, full of authentic material culture, bodies and faces.

  8. Zach Closs's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Sweeping and glorious; it often feels like an MGM period epic on steroids. Snyder's bombast and unbridled enthusiasm is mediated by Jenkins' patience for characters and pacing. What musings there are on mothers, daughters, men, women, and war, work. Gadot's earnest, spirited performance won't soon be forgotten. There's probably a handful of classics to emerge from this dragging superhero craze. This is one of them.

  9. DSPRKY's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Too long, too preachy (over a third of the film's runtime is given over to characters moralizing about killing gods, and the first fifteen minutes have some of the most cringe-inducingly on-the-nose dialogue I've ever heard) too computer-generated, too formulaic. In sum, everything that is wrong with modern film. I'll admit to enjoying the second act, but any goodwill that had accrued was dashed shortly thereafter.

  10. CinePensieri's rating of the film Wonder Woman

  11. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Wonder Woman

  12. Star Lord's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    1,5. Non fa per me, abbastanza insulso come trama.

  13. smndvdcl's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    One of the better DC adaptations, by a long way.

  14. SpacePirate's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    First 1/2 of this was pretty great for what I consider an abysmal genre of filmmaking. Sadly, the second half is cheesy as hell and over the top, particularly the last fight seq. Extra 1/2 star for Gadot, who is perfect here. Lazy writing by Snyder & co. comes close to ruining the film, but there is a charm here that redeems some of its more cliched moments. Def over-hyped. Decent but ultimately forgettable. 3 stars

  15. Skinnedteen's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    It's actually refreshing to watch a strong female-lead superhero in such a cheezy storyline and understand why most boys are so obsessed with Spiderman and Batman. Cause everytime there's a strong female lead, it always end up in a serious tone, playing a serious role where abuse is somewhat incorporated in the narrative.

  16. Polly Dee's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Discount feminism at its best. Too bad.

  17. Levi Miah's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Utterly boring snoozefest with the same superhero origin story we've seen a million times (even including the learning-to-jump-very-far scene). French character that was meant to be the comedy relief was actually just repeatedly sexist to Diana yet she never spoke against it. Ridiculously overlong, awful pacing, no style, no atmosphere and a boring heterosexual romance to put the final nail in demeaning Wonder Woman.

  18. josh scam's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    "Where did you get that car?" "In the field. It's full of them" LOL OK

  19. Andrew Birch's rating of the film Wonder Woman

  20. Ligia Prodan's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    1.5 for her make up right on point (they should make a make up line named 'Wonder Woman', it would be a hit, trust me)

  21. Nytse Jam's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    do never let your girlfriend pick a movie in general

  22. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    This is my first DCEU film and probably the last. When Robin Wright only lasts 20 minutes and Chris Pine gives the best and most nuanced performance, you know you're in for some not exactly espectacular treat. The middle section/fish out of water thing worked wonders actually (it was FUN), but not the rest of it. Terrible fx, boring vilains and a lead actress who exudes charisma and good will, but is very very stiff.

  23. abrahamgbj's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Not bad for a superhero movie, I do refuse to believe in the laziness of having German characters who spoke English with a ridiculous 'German accent'

  24. jaelaah's rating of the film Wonder Woman

    Entertaining at best, with a conspicuous lack of depth. However what makes up for it is the fact that Gal Gadot is impossibly delicious

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