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  1. Photo of André Lang

    André Lang Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jules Kruger

    Jules Kruger Cinematography

  3. Photo of René Ribault

    René Ribault Cinematography

  4. Photo of Lucien Grumberg

    Lucien Grumberg Editing

  5. Photo of Pierre Blanchar

    Pierre Blanchar Cast

  6. Photo of Gabriel Gabrio

    Gabriel Gabrio Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Vanel

    Charles Vanel Cast

  8. Photo of Raymond Aimos

    Raymond Aimos Cast

  9. Photo of Antonin Artaud

    Antonin Artaud Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Azaïs

    Paul Azaïs Cast

  11. Photo of René Bergeron

    René Bergeron Cast

  12. Photo of Raymond Cordy

    Raymond Cordy Cast

  13. Photo of Raymond Bernard

    Raymond Bernard Screenplay and Director

  14. Photo of Roland Dorgelès

    Roland Dorgelès Novel

  15. Photo of Marcel Delaître

    Marcel Delaître Cast

  16. Photo of Jean Galland

    Jean Galland Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Labry

    Pierre Labry Cast

  18. Photo of Geo Laby

    Geo Laby Cast

  19. Photo of René Montis

    René Montis Cast

  20. Photo of Jean-François Martial

    Jean-François Martial Cast

  21. Photo of Marc Valbel

    Marc Valbel Cast