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  1. Photo of Daud Sumolang

    Daud Sumolang Director

  2. Photo of Yosep Anggi Noen

    Yosep Anggi Noen Director

  3. Photo of Sally Anom Sari

    Sally Anom Sari Director

  4. Photo of Sammaria Simanjuntak

    Sammaria Simanjuntak Director

  5. Photo of Nitta Nazyra C. Noer

    Nitta Nazyra C. Noer Director

  6. Photo of Ayu Riana

    Ayu Riana Self

  7. Photo of Mak Kamek

    Mak Kamek Self

  8. Photo of Ulfie Samarkilang

    Ulfie Samarkilang Self

  9. Photo of Nia Dinata

    Nia Dinata Producer

  10. Photo of Constantin Papadimitriou

    Constantin Papadimitriou Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Aline Jusria

    Aline Jusria Editing