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  1. Photo of Bart Freundlich

    Bart Freundlich Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Howard Bernstein

    Howard Bernstein Producer

  3. Photo of Caroline Kaplan

    Caroline Kaplan Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Tim Perell

    Tim Perell Producer

  5. Photo of Jonathan Sehring

    Jonathan Sehring Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Clint Mansell

    Clint Mansell Music

  7. Photo of Terry Stacey

    Terry Stacey Cinematography

  8. Photo of Kate Sanford

    Kate Sanford Editing

  9. Photo of Kevin Thompson

    Kevin Thompson Production Design

  10. Photo of Billy Crudup

    Billy Crudup Cast

  11. Photo of Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore Cast

  12. Photo of Cleavant Derricks

    Cleavant Derricks Cast

  13. Photo of Liane Balaban

    Liane Balaban Cast

  14. Photo of David Keith

    David Keith Cast

  15. Photo of Mary McCormack

    Mary McCormack Cast

  16. Photo of Karen Allen

    Karen Allen Cast

  17. Photo of James LeGros

    James LeGros Cast

  18. Photo of Francie Swift

    Francie Swift Cast

  19. Photo of Nicolas Suresky

    Nicolas Suresky Cast