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  1. Photo of Edward Bernds

    Edward Bernds Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hugh Marlowe

    Hugh Marlowe Cast

  3. Photo of Nancy Gates

    Nancy Gates Cast

  4. Photo of Nelson Leigh

    Nelson Leigh Cast

  5. Photo of Rod Taylor

    Rod Taylor Cast

  6. Photo of Shirley Patterson

    Shirley Patterson Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Montell

    Lisa Montell Cast

  8. Photo of Christopher Dark

    Christopher Dark Cast

  9. Photo of Booth Colman

    Booth Colman Cast

  10. Photo of Everett Glass

    Everett Glass Cast

  11. Photo of Stanley Fraser

    Stanley Fraser Cast

  12. Photo of Ellsworth Fredericks

    Ellsworth Fredericks Cinematography

  13. Photo of Leith Stevens

    Leith Stevens Music

  14. Photo of Richard V. Heermance

    Richard V. Heermance Producer

  15. Photo of Walter Mirisch

    Walter Mirisch Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Eda Warren

    Eda Warren Editing