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  1. bitterMoo's rating of the film Wreckers

  2. Graham Ball's rating of the film Wreckers

    A mature and well thought out drama that certainly veers away from the overly wrought (in your face) adult dramas that can come from more mainstream fare. I liked the twisted nature of the revelations as they keep emerging and the characters contradict one another and reveal themselves. It had a nice setting as well, something more isolated and claustrophobic than an urban drama. Well done. 3.5 stars!

  3. pillowstars's rating of the film Wreckers

    this film was so raw, at times i felt as if if i were intruding on their actual lives rather than watching a movie. it was unsettling in all the best ways.

  4. Raquel Pinheiro's rating of the film Wreckers

    D.R. Hood first feature film is a dark family drama, well acted and with good cinematography.