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  1. Connor S.'s rating of the film Wrong Cops

    quirky and awkward, this movie is funny in the most uncomfortable ways. you can expect a certain amount of dark humor in this movie so if that's not your thing move on. but if you find comedy in some sick stuff watch this weird cop movie. the soundtrack is something worth mentioning also as it is not only good but is part of the movie and fits well with the characters.

  2. Epinephrin's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Great sarcastic comedy. Loved it

  3. Udo N. Owen's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Schräg, durchgeknallt, musikalisch höchst anstrengend, politisch vollkommen inkorrekt, geschmacklos... und dennoch irgendwie sehr unterhaltsam und stellenweise richtig witzig!! 6/10

  4. Caetano Schiller's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    A Masterpiece for every weird mind out there, amazing actors.

  5. Andreas Holz's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    like an accident you can't stop watching that just gets better and better

  6. tinderness's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Absurdistan an der Grenze zum ganz normalen Wahnsinn. Schön zu sehen und fast ein wenig weise.

  7. dmerchan's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    A parody of the USA, down to the film's form, banal and obvious, and its narrative, formless and ugly. The problem in having your form comport to and contribute to your satire is not letting it just add up to a banal, obvious, formless and ugly movie. I quickly largely disliked this film because I love rats, and seeing lots of dead ones at the outset upset me. But I've seen worse movies, and this one has its moments.

  8. Richard Tines's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    2 1/2 a much darker, much less funny Super Troopers (with techno!) did have a few good moments, tho... should've ended with the deer...

  9. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    All Dupieux films fall into the same divisive category, they work for you or they don't. This film, unlike his previous films such as Rubber, is stilted and contrived. It acts as commentary and satire but fails on the basic goal of both of them to provide something more than just being weird for weirdness sake. The film does not flow and the plot is shockingly predictable. Looking up other Dupieux is worth the effort

  10. Myles's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    A celebration of vulgarities that never earns its self-proclaimed distinction as an "absurdist" comedy. The film has few laughs, only occasional pangs of disgusted amusement. Two stars because delivering weed via rat corpse is the kind of business strategy I plan on taking to the bank.

  11. David R Williams's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Neo-grindhouse faux drive-in movie with extra star for the Carpenter-esque synth score and the rats.

  12. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Ehhh....a weak imitation of a Tod Solondz film. I was bored after 10 minutes.

  13. rgarrettrun's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    A comedy movie that seemed to try to hard to be funny. The humor and plot throughout seemed pointless and no real purpose. Only thing that made the movie good is the actors job of taking the role of a terrible cop and seriously trying to make it funny.

  14. Luke's rating of the film Wrong Cops

  15. jacobayers14's rating of the film Wrong Cops

  16. hrsmith352's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    This film reincarnation of ''Reno 911'' was sort of dry and laxidasical to say the least. The nature of this movie is about dirty cops doing dirty jobs while using poor humor throughout it. The movie although having name dropping worthy cast members, like Marilyn Manson, still lacked a pulling effect that would make me want to watch it again. Much like the dead rats served up in the film the movie's humor is lifeless

  17. ArkenUltor's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Best way I can describe it is Napoleon Dynamite mixed with Quentin Tarantino and completely stoned. Over the top, abrasive characters that are somehow enjoyable to watch. The constant dry delivery only further pushes the humor to be more ridiculous. Set in a world were nothing needs to make sense, you can just sit back and watch the insanity.

  18. El Biffo's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    "All cops are bad. Even the good ones are bad." - Tim Baker.

  19. Aaron Johles's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Hilarious, upbeat, and totally absurd !

  20. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Watched it for Manson, who was terrific.

  21. Adam S. Hacker's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Haha, I fucking love this. Please just watch it.

  22. David Perez's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    Negative stars. This "film" was likely cobbled together from outtakes of a Police Academy reel. So bad.

  23. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    This raunchy cop comedy so desperately wants to be SUPER TROOPERS but can never make the leap to consistent humor. Quentin Dupieux gets so hung up on electronic house music that he misses the comedy boat numerous times and the pace of the film just stumbles. It's not an entire waste of a film, because Mark Burnham's total-piece-of-shit cop is played with such commitment that is truly engaging and fun to watch.

  24. Michael's rating of the film Wrong Cops

    This is not a movie with a message. It’s dumb and crude and cruel and very fun to watch. The sort of movie that should come with a 6-pack.

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