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  1. Photo of Gavin Hood

    Gavin Hood Director

  2. Photo of David Benioff

    David Benioff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Skip Woods

    Skip Woods Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Donner

    Richard Donner Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Stan Lee

    Stan Lee Executive Producer

  6. Photo of John Palermo

    John Palermo Producer

  7. Photo of Lauren Shuler Donner

    Lauren Shuler Donner Producer

  8. Photo of Ralph Winter

    Ralph Winter Producer

  9. Photo of Donald McAlpine

    Donald McAlpine Cinematography

  10. Photo of Nicolas De Toth

    Nicolas De Toth Editing

  11. Photo of Megan Gill

    Megan Gill Editing

  12. Photo of Barry Robison

    Barry Robison Production Design

  13. Photo of Harry Gregson-Williams

    Harry Gregson-Williams Music

  14. Photo of Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman Cast, Producer

  15. Photo of Liev Schreiber

    Liev Schreiber Cast

  16. Photo of Danny Huston

    Danny Huston Cast

  17. Photo of Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds Cast

  18. Photo of Cast

  19. Photo of Lynn Collins

    Lynn Collins Cast

  20. Photo of Kevin Durand

    Kevin Durand Cast

  21. Photo of Dominic Monaghan

    Dominic Monaghan Cast

  22. Photo of Taylor Kitsch

    Taylor Kitsch Cast

  23. Photo of Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins Cast

  24. Photo of Daniel Henney

    Daniel Henney Cast

  25. Photo of Tim Pocock

    Tim Pocock Cast

  26. Photo of Julia Blake

    Julia Blake Cast

  27. Photo of Max Cullen

    Max Cullen Cast

  28. Photo of Troye Sivan

    Troye Sivan Cast