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  1. ejonline's rating of the film X: The Unheard Music

    Like the band itself, this documentary tries to combine lyrical poetry, evocative images, great music and cool (though sincere) posturing. Like the band itself, it succeeds for the most part. It has a non-narrative structure that skips around in time, between narration, interviews, and great performances. I'm always hypnotized by the image of the house moving down the street - one of my favorite moments in cinema.

  2. Ohhai's rating of the film X: The Unheard Music

    Pretty rad movie, pretty rad music, not the most thought provoking film, but it's certainly something well worth watching.

  3. Hazel Cills's rating of the film X: The Unheard Music

    I doubt it's hard to make an amazing documentary (although it was more of a moving scrapbook of sorts) on X. They're fucking brilliant, down to earth, funny, profound, and undeniably cool. I just can NOT get over how perfect they are. A perfect film for X fans, or punk fans, or someone just looking to see some genius musical talent.